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Help Helping a team get promoted

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I’m trying to help get FC Lokomotive Leipzig promoted so I can manage them but they’re in Regionalliga Nordost one of the league below 3. Liga.

Is there a way to do this without having the editor?

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Never tried a team outside leagues loaded but just wondering if you have to get lucky and see if CPU promotes them to 3.liga ?? Just a guess I’m not really familiar with promotion/relegation of bottom leagues if outside leagues loaded at start will those teams demoted be unplayable? If so I guess they just switch places. I did have my reserve team in a German league save not play any games then year 4 started to accumulate games and stats think they were moved up couple leagues. Be nice to know for everyone a def yes/no answer . 

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11 hours ago, AWilemxn said:

I’ve simmed 10 season and they haven’t been promoted. Maybe it’s just luck of the draw

That's what Im guessing but there might be a way depending on your operating system as ios doesn't have a change.txt file that a bunch of Android users edit the game with. I have ios so only can use in game editor to change stuff in game but cant do leagues /teams etc. I think there might have to be a way as in MLS Cincinnati starts in the USL in year 1 then is an expansion team in MLS next year and playable so think somehow it can be done. Look for files or rest of forums for editors/change.txt if you have android op if not then I think its all luck if they get promoted. 

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