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Help Need tactic help with Juventus

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Apparently I can't win with even Juventus



Can anyone advise what's wrong with this tactic?



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Same shape, but with the fullbacks being wingbacks (1 position more forward)

Striker AF, Dybala AM, Wingers both IF, 

Shape: Attacking, Balanced, Fast, Expressive

Defence: Balanced, All Over, Offside Trap on

Atttack: Look for overlap, shoot on sight, run at defence, short, centre, mixed


The passing focus and style should alwayas  change in game, based on the team performance over the game, if they barely have possesion, try to change the style/focus to mixed/both flanks etc

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Narrow fast expressive, look for overlap, shot on sight, through balls, both flanks, short short, overload, high, all over, normal. WB instead of fb and CM CM, P instead of TM. Try and let me know 

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You can try this tactic if you don't want to change the tactical shape. 


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