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Hi I’m Rishi

Gunners Rishi

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Hi Vibe, i remember @1759 doing this a while back and it being amazing and I’ve planned to do this for a while but just kept on postponing it as I had to do stuff but at least now I have time 😀. Ok, so I’m Rishi, obviously I don’t have a lot of stuff to say so I might as well say what I’m like off the site. According to all my mates, I’m a lot funnier than I am on Vibe, and I always manage to make someone laugh so that’s good to know. I’m known for being funny and for loving football. I support Arsenal, as most of you should know by now and i am known for always either playing football or talking about it. I mean what can I say, I’m sure all of you guys know what I mean when football is just something else. It’s the beautiful game...

then I bought FMM for the first time last year... 

i know there’s ppl here that’ve played it since it’s CM days and then when they split into cm and fm and are the historians of the game, but I just bought FMM 2018, liked it and went from there 😝. I say this every so and so, but Vibe really is incredible. Honestly, I’ve never and probably never will see you guys In person but you are funny and good people (which is weird considering most web forums are full of virgins or pedos). But I don’t know I trust you guys, and I always go on Vibe every minute it feels waiting for more community activity (which is probably my fault for not posting eh Nuke?). 

Not gonna lie I don’t actually love FMM that much tho. For me, I bought it because the other 2 games aren’t compatible with what i have. However, when the day comes where I can finally play FMM’s big siblings I promise I’ll still be on this site. What’s more, with the community and all the challenges, I’ve enjoyed the game more since I joined the site as well so yh, Marc Vaughan hire these lot. Until everyone’s left and this site is dead, I’m still gonna be here. I love this community and it needs to be active, 9 years since this site has been made and whilst the world’s gone crazy, this site’s still going. So please, let’s make sure Vibe keeps on going forever ♾... 

so yh If ur still reading this thanks and yh peace...


Oh yeah nuke and rob, watch out for FMM 20, because ur boy’s gonna finally play some careers. 

Start Of The Noob



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6 minutes ago, Woody said:

Now we know about more about you mate. So welcome to our crazy world.


2 minutes ago, 1759 said:

A well written introduction and we already know you so hello in proper.😀


Thx guys means a lot coming from you two as well

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