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Help Please HELLLLPPP!


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Hi all.


I'm a novice at this sort if thing so please bear with me while I explain.


Okay, I have been playing FMM19 for a few days and enjoy it a lot, I've played FMM for a few years now.


After going to YT to look at tactics help, I've noticed a lot of people have the real Cup and League names, basically all licenses fixed. I really want this.


Would someone please kind enough help me install this on my phone? Like a step by step detailed guide? I'm on android and I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S10.


I've tried YT to get help but still somehow having trouble to get all the correct badges, names of teams, cups and leagues etc.


If possible, I would really like the very latest fix with EVERYTHING on it, all the badges, clubs  cup and league names etc. EVERYTHING.


I'd rather my Chelsea team play in the UEFA Champions League than the 'Champions Cup' :D


Please can somebody help me? I would appreciate a lot. 


Regards, Ben.

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