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Help Where is my Mateta ?


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Hi guys !

I just noticed I couldn't find Jean-Philippe Mateta in FMM19 (French striker playing for FSV Mainz 05 since August 2018, and who is btw the club's most expensive signing ever !) even when starting games with only German BL1 selected

He used to be a wonderkid in many former versions of FMM and I can't live without him as TM ;) !! Has anyone found my Mateta ?

Thank you for your help !

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Fired up a quick save starting as Mainz and he's not there. 10.2.3 and November 18 database.

One of the recent updates seemed to knock out a load of Italians, so maybe some more gremlins in the system?

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3 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

So you're on the newest update (10.2.3)? And have you tried searching by his actual name (in Player Search)?

Tried the name search on 10.2.2 and 10.2.3... Looks like the poor lad has just been put in the same cell that his Italian fellas ! Thanks for your checking anyway, hope they will be back soon !

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