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Career Kanegan Conquers Continents (Unfortunate end)


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Hello Vibe, i am back with another career. Sometime back i ran a poll as to what my next career would be:

It was a close fight but finally the Continental Conquerors Challenge won.

If you don't know what does it mean, here is the link.

So, as per the rules i load the following leagues:

1. Scotland

2. China

3. Russia

4. USA


I need to win all the Champions League and the Club World Championship with the club of the chosen countries.

I am starting with a reasonably easy league which is Scotland and what better way than to follow my hero Stevie G to:




And i need to nominate a local hero who will take us to glory in the said competitions. So, the person who will lead us:


Picked him up from Malaga. I am also planning to do some side challenges which will be revealed in due course.


So, let the festivities begin.



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1 hour ago, Ran7777 said:

Interesting challenge.

Good luck✌️👍👍


3 minutes ago, 1759 said:

Good luck.

Thanks guys

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1 hour ago, darlingtonvii said:

Good luck mate


7 minutes ago, Gunners Rishi said:

Good luck mate 

Thanks guys.

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Season 1 - Scotland

Transfers Out


All the out of position players who did not fit my tactic were shipped out.

Transfers In


Just bought two players as i normally don't buy many in the 1st season. 

Now, we had two options. Win the league and get into the Champions League qualifying or the tougher path of winning the Europa League and qualify for Champions League proper.


But we managed to do neither as we exited the Euro qualifiers and failed to keep down the Celtic juggernaut from winning the league. The only consolation was the Betfred Cup win.


League Performance



We hit a massive 92 goals in the league but concede too many which ultimately became our downfall. The priority next season is to sort out the defence. Arfield and Ryan Jack shared the top assist man honors with 11 apiece.


Notable Matches & Cup Runs






Harper was on fire in the season. He is looking good to carry the weight of the team.





Harper helps himself to FW Player of the Year and the Premiership Golden Boot with 39 goals.


Main Assister


The 30 year old Canadian shows his worth with 14 assists and 11 goals but we need to find a replacement come next season as he is becoming too injury prone.


Main Man


If i had any doubt with his ability, he quashed it with his performance netting 55 goals from 49 appearances.


Challenge Update


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Season 2

A torrid time this season as i was given an ultimatum:



I had no other option but to leave. A run of 3 losses and 3 draws did us in as we also failed to qualify for Europa League second round.


This is how i left Rangers:



And this is how Jack Harper performed so far:



And so, we move on to our next club:


Since they are now in the Chinese second tier, i am also eligible for the Wu Lei Challenge which you can read about here.


So, wish me luck guys.

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