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Career Classic Journeyman - Conquering the UK 🇬🇧


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We all know how Journeyman works right? Start unemployed and work your way up from the bottom, to the very top. 

This style of FMM suits a lot of people, as it’s more realistic, as none of us are actually football managers (apologies if you’re part of the community, Mourinho!) 

My save will be a little bit different. I will only be loading England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I must win EVERY league and cup, in all countries. There’s 15 different leagues and 24 different cups. 

I’m allowed to leave a country without winning all comps, but that would mean returning at a later date. 

To fully complete the challenge, I must also win the Euros and World Cup. This can be done with any of the four nations, as realistically, it would be a struggle to do this with all four, in just 30 seasons. 


- No coaching badges, I don’t currently have any IRL, so won’t have in the game

- Reputation Unknown, I want to be offered jobs in the lowest divisions

- No unlockables, cheat codes don’t exist in the real world, as nice as they’d be 

- All eligible cups and trophies to be won, no excuses, no compromising 




Where do you predict we will end up first? 


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Good luck Big Al. I did something similar to this on last years game but didn’t post it. I didn’t bother with the international though. I think I got Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland all done and then stopped playing the game but it was a great save.

Anyway I’m guessing Northern Ireland as your starting point.


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1 hour ago, Foxy said:

That is a lot of trophies so good luck.

If I had to guess you will start in Wales or perhaps Northern Ireland.


17 minutes ago, 1759 said:

Good luck Big Al. I did something similar to this on last years game but didn’t post it. I didn’t bother with the international though. I think I got Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland all done and then stopped playing the game but it was a great save.

Anyway I’m guessing Northern Ireland as your starting point.


Thanks for the support lads 👍🏻

You’re both spot on... Northern Ireland it is! 

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Season Number One - First Job! 

I applied for all jobs at the start of the game, luckily I was offered a job before the start of the season. 


We head to Institute, a side playing in the top tier, in Northern Ireland. 

They won promotion last season, so are the newcomers to the league. Linfield are the dominant force, we’ll be aiming to topple them, hopefully at the first time of asking. 


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Season Number One - Review! 

Transfer Business 


You know when the IN’s and OUT’s appear on one page, that not much activity took place. 

I opted to spend my small budget on a GK, CB, CM and CF. If the spine of the team is strong, then the rest of the players can fill in. 

Trophies Won 




First season in football, sees us lift the Danske Bank Premiership, against all odds. We also lifted the Co. Antrim Shield. 

Star Player ️ 



McCrudden was our target man and helped himself to 33 goals and 10 assists in 43 appearances.

Best Signing 



Kpekawa was a rock at the back, also helping himself to 2 goals and 6 assists, thanks to that random stat of 12 creativity. 

He loved a red card though, the animal got 3 red cards and 16 yellows. I wasn’t even playing with commited tackling 😂

I decided after winning the league, I had to move clubs, but their are still trophies in Northern Ireland to be won. 


We go down a league, to the Championship! 

Portadown will be my second job in management

All the best to Institute 🏆🏆

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5 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:

Great work with the league title 🍾 

Cheers mate, was surprised by the amount of cup competitions in Nothern Ireland, but happy with the league win. 

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Season Number Two! 

Transfer Business 



At this level there’s no money to spend, I’ve had to rely on free transfers. A few decent buys in Kemp, Tilt and Clifford. 

Star Player ️ 



Love a veteran 💪🏻 

Braniff was excellent for Portadown the season before I joined. He was unable to reach the same numbers, but still scored 22 and a higher average rating! 

He then retired before I could offer him a coaching position at the club 😭 

Best Signing 🙌 



Kemp developed into a great player, over the course of the season. Some amazing stats for this level, scoring 15 and assisting 7. I feel with better quality around him he’d smash up the league... maybe someone to keep in mind for other clubs, I may manage 😏 

Trophy Roundup 🏆


Just the one trophy added to the cabinet this season. As we lift the league title! 


Two cup semi finals and a quarter, very close but not enough to add any more silverware. 

New Season ft New Job 



We leave Portadown on a high, to join Stafford Rangers! 

A club that weren’t managable at the start of the save, they play in Vanarama National League North 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 

I literally have no players... a very small budget, so the pressure is on to build a side capable of winning this league, as there’s minimum room for error. By error I mean trophyless seasons. 

I’d ideally have liked to finish off Northern Ireland, but I shall return at a later date, with more experience and hopefully more trophies 😏🏆 

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Season Number Three! 

Transfer Business 💰



I briefly mentioned I needed a full new squad, and 22 players arrived at Stafford Rangers this summer. Recognise any of the names? 👀 

I’ve only ever managed Ethan Robson, Ciaran McKenna and Rory McArdle before. 



One of our new signings, Thomas Sang, left for 30K in February. He looks really promising and I may look to sign him later in the save. 

It worked out perfectly really as I’d went over my wage budget for the first time in the save, this money got us back in the green! 

Trophy Roundup 🏆 



We win the National League North! meaning we’ve won every league title we’ve played for, in the save so far. 3 on the trot 💪🏻 

I do need to start picking up some cups, as if I don’t, I risk having to come back to these sort of leagues once I’m an established manager. 

Star Man ️ 



I always tend to choose our top goal scorer as our star player, and that’s simply because without his goals, we would not have won the league. 

Playing as an advanced forward, he assisted 14 and scored 19, a great team player! 

New Job - Call me Mr Unloyal 🤭


We join Hungerford Town, a club with an actual badge!!! They play their football in the National League South, I am the King of the North, time to takeover the South too 👑 

I’m really enjoying this save so far, still to find a lower league tactic I’m happy with on the latest update, but I’m creating new tactics at each club I join, so hopefully we click this season 😏 



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Season Number Four! 

Transfers 💰



Still no money spent in my managerial career. At this level, you can often get better quality freebies, than players valued under 50K. 

Any more Trophies 🏆?



We increase our streak to 4 leagues titles in a row 🏆🏆🏆🏆

Not really concerned about no cups since season one, as none of my sides have been world beaters. 

We’ve just done enough to win league titles, which is acceptable for me right now. 

Star Man ️ 



Luke Armstrong starts the game at Boro, and became our trustworthy number 9. 

19 goals and 9 assists is a good return, nothing special but got the job done! 

I fully expect to come across a team I love at some point in the save, but for now... 


We move clubs again! This time joining Dagenham & Redbridge. We will face off against two of our former clubs next season. Stafford Rangers and Hungerford Town. 

Can we make it 5 league titles out of 5? Let’s take the National League by storm! 



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