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Career Rise to Glory series Part 1: AC Milan; A Saviour cometh?

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Hello everyone, so for my 1st series of this challenge, I managed AC Milan and I did spend a good 8 seasons at the club. It was fun all the way, being an avid FM manager over the years, this was my 1st try at the mobile version and I must say I love it!. Also this is my 1st write-up/post ever, so please bear with me. Share your thoughts and do leave a comment if you get to try my tactics.


18/19; The fallen Italian giants announced the appointment of unknown coach Chuma as the new manager of AC Milan football club. His appointment comes with a lot of skepticism and mixed reactions among the San Siro faithfuls but the board were undeterred and fully behind their man, whose football ideas made him stand out amongst the pool of other candidates that were considered. 

26/27; Eight seasons has come and gone, Fans and players alike can be seen gathered at the San Siro to bid farewell to one of the greatest manager the club has ever had, a legend they call him. During his tenure, the club won many titles and achieved many feats that will remain unbroken for years to come. The most memorable would be the seasons they won the league title unbeaten, twice in a row. With a focus on young talent and youth development and a great transfer acumen, the club is poised for more glory despite in the future. And as a club, they are beyond grateful for how he came, turned things around and put them back in the top flight of Italian and European football.

The End... (Please note, I tweaked and refined the tactic over the 1st 3 years, perfected in my 4th season with the right players. Btw, I signed players whose profiles only fit my tactic and developed them accordingly, and I sold off players that were surplus to requirements. Don’t expect the magic to happen overnight, lol). 














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