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Career The Bad Boys go East! Season 2: Complete

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I am back with this short career pitting my wits against my own two season challenge...

The Bad Boys from Brazil Challenge

Its a simple challenge really, two Brazilian strikers, two seasons and lots of goals...hopefully! 👍

So after @Rob posted a huge score I was trying to see if I could get anywhere near this one. I thought I would try something a bit different here and try a league that I haven't used at all yet but I thought would be fun but also provide some new players to try. I know that there is lots of Brazilian based in the far east so I headed to China and...

Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club


The club has a healthy bank balance and I will need to improve the squad as the local players are really not up to scratch.
We do have Paulinho fresh back from Barcelona and an old FMM fave in Talisca, although he does not seem as good as in the previous two versions but good enough for this league.

So for my two strikers, I have gambled on some unknowns to be honest. First up was my big money signing at £11.5m from rivals Henan Jianye and that is...

Fernando Karanga Fernando Karanga


For my second striker I needed a 30+ guy to feed off the big man so I plumped for a South Korean based striker. He cost me just £1.2m from Jeonbuk.

Adriano Adriano


Right, lets see what these guys can do...

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19 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Good luck mate, i like the choice pf players and China is a great league for goals.

Thanks, thought I would try some different players. Using China does bring up a lot of random players to use!

17 hours ago, Rob said:

Love it mate! Good luck! 

Thanks, hope I can get somewhere near your score.

16 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:

Good luck!


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So into the first season in China with my Brazilian Bad Boys...

Transfers In

Wow! A complete squad overhaul is needed in China. With £67m to play with I had to cover pretty much all positions to help me get a decent score as the local players are League Two standard at best. I think my best bargain is Fabra from Boca, a brilliant left wing back. We also added in Lisandro Martinez in the second transfer window.



Transfers Out

I didn't know I even had Browning! He went though along with some older local players.


Here is my preferred first team line up


Chinese Super League

Great first season as we storm to the title with 78 points plus a healthy 84 goal difference, which gives us 162 points from our league performance. 🏆


Champions League

Another trophy in the bag as we win comfortable over two legs against Tractor-Sazi...Who? 🤔


Chinese FA Cup

We make it a clean sweep this season as Guizhou are swept aside in the final 🏆


Club World Championship

So after beating Real Madrid on pens in the semi-final, we go and lose the final!
My team was on its knees though for the final and I struggled to put many fit first team players out 😟


Team of the Year

So my Bad Boys make it into the team along with 5 of my other first teamers.


Season Awards

Manager of the Year for me, thanks very much 👍


Manager Stats

Decent first season, doing the treble! Just two defeats all season was very good for a brand new team.

Bad Boys

Great debut season from my lads. Karanga was top scorer with 52 goals. Adriano was not far behind on 50 goals.




Which gives me a total of 102 points from the goals.

This gives me a first season total of 264 points, delighted with this one and just a little ahead of @Rob too! ;o)

More needed in Season two to top the leaderboard....


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19 minutes ago, 1759 said:

Brilliant season that is for both the team and your boys.

Thanks, got to be happy with that season. Considering we have whole new team.

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6 hours ago, Rob said:

Incredible score. Good luck with season 2.

Thanks, was happy to get close to your score but surprised it went so well. 

5 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:

Great score

Thanks, onto the next season. 

4 hours ago, Woody said:

Boom and thats how its done...nicely done sir 👍

Cheers Woody. Easy this goal scoring lark! 🤣

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Into the second and final season.

Super Cup

Adriano gives us the Super Cup to start the season off.


Chinese Super League

We defend our title with ease and hit with 79 points plus a healthy 92 goal difference, which gives us 171 points from our league performance.


Champions League

We defend our Champions League title but it was a struggle over two legs against Al-Rayyan.


Chinese FA Cup

The final trophy in the bag as we dispatch Fuli with ease.


Club World Championship

This year Juve sneak past us in the a tight semi final but we take 3rd place.



Team of the Year

So nearly a clean sweep this year! 😣


Season Awards

Another manager of the year award and Karanga taking the Golden Boot.


Manager Stats

Another domestic clean sweep, tough to take on the big boys in the Club World Cup but just 6 defeats over two seasons is very good I think.



Bad Boys

Another solid season from the squad. Apart from the top two, Talisca was in fine form with an assist per game and Fabra from left back was a superstar.


Karanga beat his total from last season by blasting in 58 goals.


Adriano fell short of the fifty but still notched 43 goals.


Which gives me a total of 101 points. This gives me a second season total of 272.

Adding this to my first season tally of 264 and my final challenge score is 536. Delighted with that score. 👍

Can you please add me onto the leaderboard @samhardy

Thanks for reading and commenting.

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16 hours ago, samhardy said:

Added to the leaderboard :) You go to the top, a really meaty score that one.

Thanks, love a top spot. 🏆

15 hours ago, 1759 said:

Brilliant score that! Well done 👍

Cheers, was a fun challenge and China is a nice league to play in.

15 hours ago, Rob said:

Amazing score mate. Well done.

Sorry I took top spot! 😉

12 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:



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9 minutes ago, Woody said:

Well done dude...you did amazingly well. 👍

Cheers, they certainly exceeded my expectation but the league isn't the strongest but good fun to play in.

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