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Chat Your "Must Have" Player/s


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Interested to know if anyone has a player or players that they always buy no matter what club they manage. I'm talking players you always manage to fold into your first team... 

For me:

  • Cardiff's Callum Paterson is always my favoured wing-back, he never lets me down. I have taken him all over the world and his assists are very consistent. 
  • Watford's Ryan Cassidy as a Poacher. Slow starter at 17 but plenty of opportunities on the pitch make him a clinical finisher in his early 20's.
  • West Ham's Jack Wilshere. The man they thought the England team would be built around has never really fulfilled his potential irl. But for me, I'd make room for him to slot into any position in midfield.
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Marcos Paulo (AM) from Flu. Almost always turns out world class and he’ll join Championship or even League One teams and sometimes new isn’t too expensive. If at a top team you’ll need to farm him out for a few seasons on loan but he’s a great investment. Lisandro Martinez (CB) from Defensa is the same but can start right away at any level. I sign them at top clubs or low league (if possible) and they’ll be first team staples for years to come at the top. 

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Personally I run with Antonio Marin (Croatian) from Dinamo along with Matias Vargas (Argentinian) from Velez on to backup whichever AMR/L I have and these two usually end up as starters pretty soon. For MC I run with Exequiel Palacios (Argentinian) from River. Vargas got in 60 goals in about 100 matches so if I had to choose just 1 it most would be Vargas hands down.

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I don't really have players that I sign every save, but there are certain bargain players I favour more than others: I would second Matias Vargas and Lisandro Martinez, and also tend to go for Alfonso Pedraza from Villareal who has a cheap buy-out clause and can be converted to play LB and Sandro Tonali from Brescia who can be brought for about £8m in the first season if you get lucky. I know that this isn't exactly ground-breaking insight, given that they are being linked to Real Madrid and Juve, respectively, in real life, but both are definitely worth it in game.

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