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Career Mulama Attempts the Eusébio Challenge


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Benfica manager Bruno Lage has been sacked by the club. Mulama, a relatively unknown manager is set to replace him as new manager. No explanation has been given for the sacking of Lage but the media speculates Mulama is real genius at his job and the club signed him up before the 'big' boys came for him. 


Our Reporter spoke to Mulama as he was going to be unveiled as new manager and here's what he had to say:

"Joao Felix is about to take over the f*ckin' world. Eusébio 2.0 babe."


(Mr Mulama) 


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Records to Beat

Eusébio scored 473 goals in 440 appearances. We have to score at least 474 goals to break that record. 

We have to score at least 57 goals in Europe to break his 56 goal mark. 

We have to score at least 42 goals to break his tally for the national team. 

We have to win 11 League titles or more. 

We have to win 5 Portuguese Cups or more. 

We have to win the UCL at least once. 

Portuguese top scorer for 7 seasons or more. 

40+ League goals in at least two seasons. 

1 Ballon d'Or. 

Match his goals per game ratio of 1.08.

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Season 1

I didn't have the best of seasons and we had our good and bad spells. My job was at risk at some point in the season. 



Sold a lot of players and that will continue for the next two or three windows as I create my own team. We made a lot of money to supplement our slightly minimal transfer budget. 


Some familiar names came into the team for very high fees but they're young and should last for more than ten seasons. I will continue buying lots of young players with immense potential for us to dominate in the coming years. 


We had an average season as I struggled to find a consistent system to use. A lot of fitness issues also affected us due to most of our starters being so young. We still managed to win one trophy which is very important in building confidence and a winning spirit in the team. 


We missed out on automatic Champions League Qualification which is really frustrating. Average season, average results. We still have to win 11 league titles to match Eusébio's record. 


We win our first Taca de Portugal in a tough match against Sporting Lisbon who were seeking to complete the domestic double. One won now we have 4 more to win to match Eusébio's record. 

We reached the QF stage in the Champions League where we were knocked out by a strong Napoli side. We got knocked out in the Allianz Cup at the Semifinal stage. 

Main Man


He's still young with lots of potential to improve but so far he's getting the greens in the right places. His physical development is a little bit slow but I'm not worried as in my other saves he usually becomes pretty fast and strong. I also retrained him in other positions to make him all round. 


32 goals in 42 appearances is an awesome return considering we used different systems throughout the season. Half of his goals were actually scored in the final two months of the season in a period where he also had a three week injury. I hope he carries this form into the next season. 


He was joint top scorer in the League with 18 goals. He need to be top scorer for another 6 to match Eusébio's record. 

He managed 8 goals in the Champions League. He needs 48 more to match Eusébio's record in Europe. 

I'm yet to get the national job but so far he has O goals in 3 caps. 41 goals to go there. His goal rate under my management is at 0.76gpg and we need to improve on that to have any chance of matching Eusébio's 1.08.



He won Portuguese player of the year. 


He won Portuguese U21 player of the year. Screenshot_2019-06-18-22-25-15.thumb.png.23170b78013cfc4d35ef32c6c2c80498.png

He also managed to make it it into the team of the year in the League. 

Thanks for Reading. 


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Season 2

I forgot to take screenshots for the transfers made but I signed three fullbacks as the squad had no depth on that area. Sarrachi, Mendyl, Atal and Diego Lainez were my only signings. 


We won the league for the first time which means we have 10 more seasons to Match Eusébio's 11. We won the Allianz Cup for the first time too and retained the Taca de Portugal which means we only need 3 more to Match Eusébio's 5. We lost the Supertaca in the first match of the season against Sporting Lisbon. We were knocked out of the Europa League in the Quarters to Tottenham Hotspurs. 



Main Man

I changed my tactics for the new season and it really benefitted Joao Felix as he managed to get a lot of goals. 




That is how he looks like at the end of the season. Minor improvements every but in the key areas and I expect his positive development to continue. 



This season he managed 56 goals in 44 games which is really impressive. He's now scored 88 goals in 86 games which is a goal rate of around 1.02 which is impressive as we aim to beat Eusébio's 1.08.

I also manage the Portugal National team and in the 10 matches he's scored 9 goals. 32 more to match Eusébio's record of 41.

He scored 7 goals in the Europa(no screenshot) which takes his European tally to 15 goals. He needs 41 more to match Eusébio's record of 56.


He was top scorer in the League for the second season in a row. Last season he was joint top scorer. He now need to be top scorer in 5 more seasons and score 40 goals in two of those seasons to match Eusébio's record. 




He was top scorer in all the domestic Cup competitions. 



He was Portuguese U-21 player of the year again and also won Portuguese player of the year for the second time. He also made it to the team of the season for the second time. 

Thanks for Reading. 

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Season 3 




Pavon and Ajer are the only players that came in. Pavon is a great player especially for assists that's why I bought him. Ajer came to solidify defence as I sold older defenders and he's usually very versatile as you can retrain him to play in almost all positions. We raised around 16m from the sale of players not needed. 




We won everything domestically and went the whole season unbeaten in the league which is very impressive. We have to win 9 more league titles and another two Taca de Portugal to match Eusébio's record. The Champions League is still a dream for us but I'm sure I'll win it soon. 

Main Player 



Our man has peaked and will only have minimal improvements over the next few seasons. 


This season he only managed 44 goals which is a drop from last season's 56, I'm a little bit disappointed. So far under my managerial leadership he has managed to score 132 goals in 128 games which puts his GPG ratio at 1.03 which is impressive as we aim to match or beat Eusébio's GPG of 1.08.


He was top scorer for the third time with a massive 30 goals. He has to be top scorer for four more seasons and score 40 goals in two of those to match Eusébio's record. 

He scored 4 in the Champions League adding to his 15 European goals. 19 European goals. 37 more needed to match Eusébio's record of 56.

For the national team he has 14 goals in the 15 matches he has played under me. He need 27 more goals to match Eusébio's record of 41. He's most likely to achieve that in even fewer matches compared to Eusébio. 

Other Awards



He made it into the team of the season again. He also managed to retain his Portuguese U-21 player of the year and Portuguese Player of the year titles. 

Thanks for Reading. 

Edited by mulama
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Season 4 




Not a lot of transfer business conducted this window as I feel my squad is good enough. Brought in Ceballos and Torres to strengthen the midfield. Sold players I felt were really not needed. 




We won the league for the third time in a row meaning we now need to win 8 more to match the challenge target. We won the Taca de Portugal again meaning we just have to win one more to reach Eusébio's record of five. We won the Allianz Cup and the Supertaca too. We were knocked out by Real Madrid in the semis of the Champions League. 



We won the Nations League which is the first International trophy for Felix. He scored a hatrick in the final to achieve something Eusébio never did :)

Main Player 



He reached his development peak at the end of last season and no major changes on his attributes happened. His goal tally went down again this season which is not a positive. 

He now has 28 International goals in the 22 games he's played under me. 13 more needed to match Eusébio's record of 41.

He scored 3 goals in the Champions League to take his European goal tally to 22 goals. 34 more needed to match Eusébio's record. 


He was top scorer again this season making it his fourth golden boot under me. He need to win 3 more times with 40+ goals in two of those to meet the challenge target of 7 with 40 goals in two of the seasons. 

He has scored 172 Goals in 169 games played under me as manager. His goal rate is at 1.02GpG which is good as we aim for 1.08 to match the challenge target. 



He won the Portuguese Player of the year for the fourth time and was also part of the team of the season. 

Thanks for Reading. 

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