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Chat Which leagues do you start with?

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I’m just curious to see which leagues everyone loads up? For me personally I always load English and German then choose randomly where I’d like to manage. I’d personally like it if you could have 5 leagues, but obviously that would be too many players to function. 

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It depends on the save for me but generally I have the league I’m going to manage in with France and Germany as I find those leagues have a lot of good quality decent value for money players available.

I particularly like the German leagues for wide players as there seems to be loads of decent wing backs and wingers where I often find myself spoilt for choice.

For the other league, well that can vary as there’s one or two gems available in most leagues I’d say.


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Typically England, Germany and two others. Often a bigger league, such as Spain, France, Italy or Holland, and a smaller one, like the US, Scotland, or China. It's not an exact science, and I like to mix it up.  I would love if South American leagues were added for more save diversity

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I always load Germany and France to get quality young players and then decide where i'd like to manage.

I never load more than three leagues so that my game does not slow down.

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It depends on my type of career if I’m doing a bottom to top at one club or thinking international management etc. 

Most of the time I have England and Germany then if I’m into my national team USA is loaded to give most options plus adds lots of S.America, Central and Caribbean players to spice up game. Lastly one of these leagues; Scotland, Ireland, Holland, Portugal . I try to stay away from big 4 together unless I feel like doing fantasy type league (Spain, Eng, Ger, Italy so powerful vs rest of leagues good to have 1 or 2 loaded but not all 4.

Some reason I hardly ever play Australia, China, S.Korea, N.Ireland , Wales, Poland, Belgium.

Would really love space for one more league as adding the MLS to get US, Canada, Bermuda, Mexico , & S.Americans kinda sucks need waste league spot on it . Then if you don’t load it most of depth for those countries is gone and some can’t even manage international without US loaded. Even if the extra spot is small and could only fit a 1-2 tier league that would be great . Idk if they reached max capacity with database/leagues but think help sell game more . 

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