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Tactics 4–1-2-2-1 [Any Team]


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Go Control/Attacking/Overload + Expressive against teams that park the bus, Counter against superior opposition

Currently testing with Crystal Palace

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On 20/06/2019 at 02:05, ron1hy said:

Does the striker have to be a TM?

You can use any role you want. I just found TM to be the most effective even if the player has low aerial and strength

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Cheers mate! A real life saver! I was searching for tactics in my Newcastle save but we just kept loosing. Before I found this tactic we were in 18th. After finding it midway through the season we finished in 9th only losing 3 games. We also had a FA cup semi final.

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11 hours ago, Dachinho said:

Does this work with Celtic or Juventus?Please tell me!

Test it and see. I doubt anyone that hasn't tried it with those particular teams will be able to give you an answer. You could try it out and put the results here.

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