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Career SL Benfica Double Trouble attempt

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Welcome everyone to my Double Trouble attempt. Since Spanish and Portuguese league are famous for attacking I'll choose Benfica because It has less competition between teams. Being inspired by my brother's tv show O11ce where you can see the team plays a 4-3-1-2 which Gabo plays as a CF who were given freedom to express his creativity  while Lorenzo is a Weghorst like striker who rely on his teammates for crosses to head or volley the ball

So here's my Gabo-Lorenzo wannabe



Of coures the Benfica and Portugal starlet, Joao Felix is my CF but for the first three season he'll be playing as P.

Isak the swedish and Dortmund wonderkid are going to be my TM

Here's my summer transfer window




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F up again 😛
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19 minutes ago, 1759 said:

Best of luck with this😀

Seems like you’ve thought abut this and have a nice plan.

Sure! Even the tactic somehow came in my dream 😂

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January & End season update:

Bad defence backups really destroy my team apart while Felix aren't effective in the final third or at least yet to be.

Not much transfer on january




Only Jovic to M'gladbach for transfer out 

Ritsu Doan and Van Drogelen in to the club

Here's Isak and Felix stats


Screenshot_2019-06-22-07-37-06.thumb.png.5dd4fcb18d6ed97eaf07945f337e4553.png Screenshot_2019-06-22-07-37-26.thumb.png.ac6e5a73cb830868cf86fe40da3d45ed.png

Isak:  32

Felix:  6

 32 + 6 = 38

38/1200 😛

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Hi guys,

I'm very sorry that I forgot to upload the Summer and Winter transfers but here's it.


Screenshot_2019-06-25-15-42-25.thumb.png.a3ec5f900a990aacb5eeac5e3df42c22.png Screenshot_2019-06-25-15-42-51.thumb.png.5889f946e0c2cd3091a1bcf520f98c2e.pngScreenshot_2019-06-25-15-42-55.thumb.png.7ecb8f3ca6fa85dfacd185b9ff81ba15.png



A pretty busy tansfer windows this season 😰

Great season this is also a great Treble win (Premier League, League Cup and Europa League)

Isak's and Felix's stats




What a season from Isak again and Felix is an absolute beast this season 

 Isak:   54

Felix: 25

54 + 25 = 79

79 + 38 = 117

117 / 1200😛

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I know that I just upload season 2 but here's season 3



Both Svilar and Meret are injured for months

Isak and Felix stats:



Slight downgrade with Isak's goals despite playing more games 😕

Isak: 45

Felix: 23

45 + 23 = 78

117 + 78 = 195

195 / 1200😛

Edited by Lord Danish
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5 hours ago, Rob said:

Well done. What are their attributes like now?

Pretty great Isak got 15+ on Shooting, Aerial, Movement and Pace

Felix got 15+ on Shooting, Movement, Passing and Technique 

Ps: I don't have the picture because I'm at the school right now

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After a very great season it seems like I has to stop because of this:



Felix isn't going to sign a new contract he'll be release soon 😭

Btw their stats:




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