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Career Chazza tries Bad Boys from Brazil *again*


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Hi Vibe,


after my first attempt at bad boys from Brazil was cut short after my sister deleted the save, I decided to try again. I wasn’t enjoying the Ajax one, so I tried to hop over to Germany and join in on the Munich Bandwagon. My strikers were....0002E603-D66E-45CC-9DD5-11E9D1F2E359.thumb.png.37b5531fa6c9bf0d7acdca24232b063f.png

Matheus Cunha, this guy looked very promising and was relatively cheap from RB Leipzig. He also hasn’t been used before. My second play was3E68547B-F091-48DF-9803-70DBE5530502.thumb.png.be90c75d7d0e13cf2308b460dc78fa52.png

Luiz Adriano, the best 30+ one available. So these two joined our club, we recruited nicely, particularly after the selling of Thiago for 146 million. Let me know what you think and I’ll keep you updated. @danovic78or @samhardy please add me to the leaderboard once I’m finished please.570B8FE8-3EC2-40BC-940D-8FBCE8DD9B65.thumb.png.81d47aed862412e9155010377d789f21.png8287A707-F392-4BA1-A201-79FA8A33E59D.thumb.png.36db6122d99d1ad27b20a50abde8d598.png 

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Just now, Lord Danish said:

Chill up mate! I know that feeling when your siblings deleted your best save

Aye, it was a bit disastrous anyway but it was kinda fun. Anyway spoiler alert but Cunha has injured himself for a month. Brill

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