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Help Help Needed - Downloads

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Hey guys,

So I'm not much of a tech wiz (seriously useless) - I wanted to know if anyone can help, or shed some light on simplifying doing the downloads for faces, kits and badges for the leagues without on the mobile version of the game.

I've tried, but just cant seem to manage it 😞 

Is there a youtube video/guide that anyone would recommend watching?


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Ok I’m no expert on this as I don’t bother with graphics and stuff but I do know that this is absolutely crucial.

IMPORTANT: You MUST have a clean installation of FM 2019 Mobile on your iOS device to install this pack successfully. You should not have ever opened the game on your device. If this is the case, copy your save files to the Cloud or your computer first, and then uninstall and reinstall the game before continuing with these instructions.

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I installed some of them on my iPhone at beginning of this year and I just followed the instructions for each one in the download section.

Make sure to get the folder names correct and if you think you might have done it right and they’re not showing upon loading the game try going into settings, into the interface section and clicking Reload Skin as that can sometimes do it.

If I have time in the coming days I might go through it all step by step on my laptop to show you properly as it’s one of them where just one little thing being out of place can mess it up.

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