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Tactics Tiki Taka with solid defense


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Am a barcelona fans, and have been trying to work on how bring the barcelona Tiki Taka style to my fmm19 Barcelona save. After several seasons of trying the formation. I think i ve found the perfect one with a solid defense. I went 3seasons unbeaten with my barcelona save. This tatics don't works with underdogs. Have try them with smaller teams, and I'll you why it can't work with smaller team. 


This is the formation and their roles.

SWEEPER KEEPER: This is one of the reason why this tatic can't work with smaller teams and you defense will be conceding alot of goal. With this tactic your keeper must be good with his kicking, handling, pace, communication and decesion. He is like playing the role of a Ball playing defender. Helps in building up games from the back.  And not all small teams can produce a keeper of that level. You just ended up conceding a lot of back passes and keeper error. Examples of keeper with this role traits: Ederson, Neuer, Ter stegen. 

BALL PLAYING DEFENDERs: Another important role, they bring the ball from the back. For this tactic apart from defense other important attributes they must have: decision, passing, dribbling, positioning. Examples of defenders with this attributes : PIQUE, DE LIGT,  UMITITI

WING BACKS: if you watch barcelona games, you will understand  how important and crucial  this two positions are. They spent most of thier time in the opposition half joining the forwarders in attacking. Main attributes for tiki taka tactics: passing, pace, crossing, positioning, dribbling. Perfect examples are Dani Alves, Marcelo, Alba, (Robertson, Arnold) liverpool. 

ANCHOR MAN: to me, this is the most important role for this tactic. But the problem is, they don't get good rating, i think in FFM20 something should be done about that. They are the one who decides the tempo and flow of game. The link between your defense and Middlefield. Positioning is very important, passing, decision, stamina, even aerial. My favorite player for this position is RABIOT. Others players with this attributes: VERRRATI, SERGIO BUSQUET, DE JONG. 

BOX TO BOX AND DEEP PLAYMAKER: The box is the reason for the strong defense, when you are not in possession of the ball, he track down players and wins the ball back. I see them as my CM, AM, AP and BWM  But for this tactics he is more of an offensive player. Moving the ball forward to the forward line. When in need of d goal, they take out side shoot. Main Attributes: stamina, positioning, movement, passing, shooting. Players of this position: Ratikic, D. Silva, Autro Vidal. And the DLP is also similar to your Anchorman, the only different is he makes more of forward passes. 


ADVANCE PLAYERMAKER: you guys will be wondering why AP on the wing not IF or W. Remember Neymar role at barca he is more of a IF and IF often drift out of position leaving your wingbacks a lot of works to do.  Remember we're using two wingbacks which leaves you with 2Defenders, they easily can be countered attack by a strong team. But my AP Will limit the rate at with one of my wingbacks operate up front, leaving me 3defenders at the back. My AP Performs the role of a AM,Winger, IF. And he will be getting his goals. Main attributes :creative, movement, passing, shooting, crossing, decision. A perfect player for this position. Neymar Regen. 



INSIDE FORWARDER : The perfect player for this position is Messi. Not selfish, which will allow your striker to be bagging goals and he to will be bagging goal. When defending you see him in the wing but when you're attacking, he moves to the middle, giving your wingback chances to operate. Main attributes of IF for this tactics: passing, pace, decision, shooting, movement. The perfect player for this position: Messi Regen. Screenshot_2019-07-05-10-46-53.thumb.png.918b2dad36ac0e93684098d3777cbdb5.png


: this role is very hard and most people don't like it. But to use this tactic, this is the perfect role for your striker, in matches in which they don't score, they still cause problems. Creating chances for others they know when to shoot or pass. But if you're using the right player, you get the goals. For example, using C. Ronaldo is a total waste of time. He will be scoring but not up to when you use him as a poacher. Perfect player for this position is messi. And the second player is GRIEZMANN. Attributes :creative, movement, pace, shooting, passing,  decisions. For my barca save am using GRIEZMANN RegenScreenshot_2019-07-05-10-49-52.thumb.png.1445d334ae7debcecd5c63baa313a8b3.png



TEAM MENTALITY Control for decent attack, remember it's tiki taka, you don't have to rush.

WIDTH: Balanced

TEMPO: This is very important, for you not to lose the ball, and knocked the hell out of the opossing middle field. 

CREATIVE FREEDOM: To avoid your player been out of position, unnecessary dribbling that can leads to counter i think disciplined is okay. 






Defence line high, getting the defenders up front in attack and closing down should be all over, when you lose the ball, they rush to get the ball back. Tackling is normal unless you're playing red card challenge. Offside is NO. you're playing your defense line high with no support of wingback when in attack, when playing against pacy team, you'll have a lot of problem. 



Final third is the most important feature about this formation. Look for Overlap is the best option that will allow your wingbacks to operates high in the field. Work into box allow your player to knock the team insides the box before taking the perfect shoot which  makes them clinical inside box. Run at defense or through balls. Playing against opponents with a great bWM, you use through pass, but if the opposition middle field is weak, Run them over. Passing style short. Unless you want to invent you own long tikitaka😂, passing focus mixed, to get evey players involved. Goalkeepers distribution is short.


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2 hours ago, AndersJ said:

Looking good! How did the tournament go :)?


Am starting a new season a fresh, i wiped my phone, i can't get other seasons  screenshots. Will upload the full season very soon. Screenshot_2019-07-05-16-28-48.thumb.png.6b12882e9fd11a30fdccd816d75e64e8.png


Nice game





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