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Career Double the Foxes, Double the Trouble: The End

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A Foxy and Son DT: Season 1

Back in late winter and spring despite the constant updates from SI moving the goalposts I completed a 1kc with Alexsandar Mitrovic which can be found here.

After 14 seasons Mitro hung up his boots and rode off into the sunset to enjoy his retirement. That then unlocked my son regen so let me introduce you to Tyler Fox.


As soon as I saw him I knew I wanted to give a son challenge a go but I wasn’t sure what I actually wanted to do except I didn’t want to do another 1kc. I did consider the 200 goal international challenge as I had managed to get the England job but in the end the motivation wasn’t there to continue the save after 14 years. I saved a back up on iCloud and then forgot about it for a couple of months.

That motivation is back and I have decided to go for a Double Trouble. The premise of the challenge is simple. Two strikers with the goal of scoring 1200 career goals between them. That means that the digital Foxy Jr needs a partner.

No prizes for guessing who this guy is a regen of. I’m not sure how well Foxy Jr will develop so I decided he needed some real quality alongside him so here is that quality in the shape of Connor Adams who joined from Leeds for £30m. He already had 45 goals for club and country when he joined which is very promising for an 18 year old.




My plan was to move on from Barca taking Foxy Jr with me and then signing Adams but no jobs came up that I liked the look of so I will either do a season at Barca which will be my 15th with them and then move on or I will stick with Barca for the duration. Moving on definitely appeals to me as I can then build a new team around these lads at a new club but time will tell on that.

In the meantime this is the goals of the save.

  • Complete the DT
  • It would be great to get at least one of these lads (preferably Foxy Jr) to 1k but that depends if I can get a tactic that really works well.
  • Complete 30 seasons in a save for the first time ever.

Season 1

The squad at Barca was pretty well set so it was just an adjustment of the tactic and I added a few new players to suit that.

Of course being season 15 they are all regens.



The biggest question mark for me was how well Foxy Jr would develop. He started the season very slowly as he was well below the ability required to play in this team but as he got better the goals started to come.

He grew his attributes well over the season especially his aerial, shooting and movement but I don’t tgink he is ever going to have great pace or stamina so he will need to have his game time managed closely if that’s the case.


Adams developed as expected and is looking quality.



We didn’t quite win the clean sweep this season as we lost the opening game of the season in the European Super Cup as I was trying to bed in the tactic. It wasn’t a bad year on the whole though.


European Super Cup


Spanish Super Cup


World Club Cup


Spanish Cup


La Liga


Champions League




England duty was all about qualifying for the Nations League finals which we did and then made the final against Holland.



It’s the World Cup at the end of next season as well so qualifying has started for that. We have some work to do but with games in hand I’m not too worried.



Foxy Jr and Adams

As Foxy Jr develops Adams is always going to be the main man for goals and that proved to be the case this season as well. Adams did have a couple of injuries though and I hope that isn’t a sign of things to come although the physios aren’t worried.



In the end it was a hugely positive season as they hit a combined 98 goals between them. Foxy Jr started slowly but after Xmas he hit his stride and was banging a lot more in at least for Barca if not England.

Foxy Jr: 33gls

Adams: 65gls

Total: 98 goals




This was the perfect start although if I want a 1k from Foxy Jr he needs to really up his goal numbers as he will need at least double this seasons total of 33 to stand a chance. 

I will be actively pursuing a new job this summer though so hopefully a club with the resources to buy the guys will need a manager as I feel a new club will freshen the save up a bit more for me. I have Spain, England, France and Germany loaded so plenty of options although I won’t stay in Spain and England would be my preferred destination.

One Final Bit of Business

In my Mitro save Javairo Dilrosun was my main assister after the first few seasons and got me an entry on the assists challenge leaderboard. He had planned to retire at the end of this season but I convinced him to continue but unfortunately he wouldn’t resign for Barca and I never got a new job before he had moved to Leipzig. I could buy him back I guess but I think I will let him play out his career as he sees fit.

He had 21 assists this season which was brilliant as he was more of a back up now his pace has gone and he finishes his career with me on 358 assists so I can update the leaderboard.


Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.

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Great start to this mate👏👏

Adams attributes look great and Foxy jr is still young so will improve surely.

Goodluck for next season👍👍


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Nice idea to keep the save going and hopefully your son and his co striker will do you proud.

He looks like he’s going to turn out really good and love the strength of 19 at 18 years old!

I don’t think these defenders will know what’s hit them when he gets to his peak.

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Nice to see a DT attempt again :) 

Your son doesn’t look half bad tbf! Plenty of drama in this one I’m hoping 😛 Good luck 

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On 07/07/2019 at 12:17, Nucleus said:

Nice to see a DT attempt again :) 

there do seem to be a few on the go - and @smoggy90just mentioned that his next plan is a DT. i had a great plan for a (hopefully) "interesting" and "unconventional" one, but now i'm not sure if i should go for it or not......

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25 minutes ago, Mr Tree said:

there do seem to be a few on the go - and @smoggy90just mentioned that his next plan is a DT. i had a great plan for a (hopefully) "interesting" and "unconventional" one, but now i'm not sure if i should go for it or not......

Go for it and post it as if it’s interesting and unconventional then it’s already one step ahead of mine.

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1 minute ago, Foxy said:

Go for it and post it as if it’s interesting and unconventional then it’s already one step ahead of mine.

:D  it's in the eye of the beholder, you might all think i'm weird. wait...

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A Foxy and Son DT: Season 2

 We had a good start in season 1 as the pair scored 98 goals for club and country in what was my 15th season in charge at Barcelona. As I said in the previous update I looked for a new job in the summer between season 15 and 16 to refresh the save and build a new team at a new club.

A couple of jobs took my fancy with Lyon manager insecure which might have been fun as they have a good squad having just lost the CL final to my Barca team but they never actually got shot of there manager. Foxy Jr and Adams weren’t going to come cheap so I needed a big or rich team to join and three options in the Premier League showed up. The first was Everton who have some good players but whether they could attract and afford my duo without selling there best assists was a sticking point. Then both Manchester clubs showed up as well and I decided that the blue side of the city was the lesser of two evils and so this journey continues at....


Ok so I’m not exactly challenging myself with this move but this is my relaxed summer save and most clubs couldn’t have afforded the duo anyway.

I left Barca with 15 league titles and 64 cups including 15 CL titles.




Man City won the title the previous season but that didn’t stop me ripping up most of the squad and rebuilding it to hopefully get my tactic working straight away. I did nearly mess up though as I sold both my RB and LB in the squad and nearly forgot to replace them so with no budget left I had to swiftly loan in two youngsters who are luckily decent.

Foxy Jr and Adams didn’t come cheap as they set me back a combined £212m to prise them away from Barcelona which in turn made me do more business so that I could raise the funds to improve the squad how I wanted to.










On the pitch the team hit the ground running but we a clean sweep in the first season as Arsenal did us in the League Cup final although we beat them in two other finals.

I left it late in the summer in get the screenshots and for some reason I couldn’t get in too the actual matches for some games.


Community Shield


League Cup


FA Cup


Premier League


Champions League




We had the World Cup this summer.

We won the International League last summer but the England team have never really clicked with my tactic so I didn’t have high hopes going into this competition. It was a good job as well as we cruised through an easy group of Nigeria and Japan and then beat Algeria in the 2nd round before meeting Spain in the 3rd round.

In a ding dong battle we went to pens and in true English style we got beat.



Unfortunately Connor Adams missed the World Cup with an injury meaning I pushed one of the strikers wide right into the FR position in the hope they wouldn’t steal too many goals from Foxy Jr.


That left Foxy Jr as the main man and he stepped up to the plate with 6 goals in 4 games and finished the tournament with the Golden Boot.


The Duo

Lots of trophies and wins but how did that translate into goals for my duo?

Both players are developing very nicely with Foxy Jr showing the most impressive improvements. He is still lacking in stamina though which really hampers his game time and that is reflected in the goal totals of both lads with Adams playing far more minutes.

Foxy Jr



Connor Adams



They scored a total of 128 goals between them which really exceeded my expectations as that was what I thought we would be getting at there peak. We now need less than a 1000 goals for the DT and at least with Adams a possible 1k as well. It looks hard for Foxy Jr to get a 1k as well but there is still time and he is more of a priority for me than Adams.

It’s just all shame that Adams missed the WC as he may have got p those extra goals for it to be a 130+ season.


That’s the standard very much set in this save now and anything below 120 will be a huge failure unless there is an injury and I will be hoping we can add some more on to this season and get some 150 goal seasons soon.

Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.


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18 hours ago, Rob said:

Good improvement Mr Fox

Thanks Rob.

17 hours ago, 1759 said:

Excellent return for your duo and it’s clear they didn’t have any trouble settling into their new club.

They really exceeded my expectations this season tbh as I thought 120+ would take another season or two as the squad isn’t where I want it to be just yet.

16 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Great season there and foxy jr looks excellent! 

I imagine changing clubs helps to freshen things up too, something I wish I’d  considered myself. 

The club change has definitely helped freshen it up and it also separates the challenge a bit more from Mitro.

6 hours ago, Chazza111 said:

Wow foxy an excellent second season there. Adams looks imperious!

He sure does but I want to be a bit more from Tyler Fox in the next few seasons.

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On 13/07/2019 at 13:12, Ashez said:

Loved the move to keep the save fresh, very ballsy but it appears to have paid off! 

Not sure how ballsy moving from Barca to Man City is but it definitely paid off in this season 😀

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Season 3 (Season 16 of the save)

Last season, my first at Man City, was a real success as Foxy Jr and Adams smashed in 128 goals between them but the aim is for more than that and now they are into there early 20s I want to start pushing for 150 goals a season from the pair. Simply the quicker I can get the DT completed then the quicker I can focus on getting at least one of them to the magic 1k goal mark as well before we reach the end of season 30.


Of course we are in regen territory now so these names will mean nothing to you but as I have the England job a big aim for me is to get plenty if young English talent in it the club that I can develop and then use both to benefit Man City but also England.

With that in mind I signed 4 potential or current England players this summer.




Just get on player left for any money and then Gavin Bazunu went to Spurs as part of the Brian Andrews deal.



This season could not have gone better on the pitch as we never lost a game in any competitions all season on our way to a clean sweep of trophies. Liverpool will be sick of the sight of us as we beat them in 3 major finals and they finished 20 points behind us in 2nd place in the league.


Community Shield


European Super Cup


World Club Cup: Slight bodge on the scorers here as it lists Foxy Jr scoring an own goal for us and Adams a goal for them. Those goals can be swapped around.


League Cup


FA Cup


Premier League


Champions League


England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 

We had to defend our Nations League title again which we did emphatically by beating Spain in the final. The hope now is that we can take this form into qualifying and then the Euro’s next summer and get some international glory.



The Lads

Both lads have just about maxed out there attributes I think but they both look very good players now. If either of them is going to improve anymore it will most likely be Adams but Foxy Jr looks well capable of scoring goals as well.


They both played more games this season than they managed last year although Foxy Jr missed a few more games than Adams thanks to a knock and his lower stamina which also means he plays less minutes in games as well.

Adams is the better player although there isn’t much in it but his extra playing time helps as well to get him more goals. Both scored well this year but it was again Adams who stole the show scoring 86 in all competitions compared to Foxy Jr 63. The way it is shaping up Adams will easily get to the 1kc mark and beyond if I let him but 60ish goals a year won’t see Foxy Jr hit the magic mark. This means that I may drop Adams if and when we complete the DT and put the effort into a son 1k but that is all in the future with the main focus being the DT at the moment.



So we just missed out on a 150 goal season by one goal but it is an improvement again and again the bar has been raised for the boys so hopefully next season we can improve again.


Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.

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