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Career Ian - The Terrifying Trio - Season 7

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Season Six

It’s safe to say my boys haven’t exactly set the world alight so far and it’s beginning to look like this might be a close run thing in terms of them actually reaching our target. I’ve been looking at things and there’s a few areas of my squad that I think are just not right with one or two attributes out of place but we’ll see how they get on this year before I make any drastic changes.

The Terrifying Trio

Jan Thielmann

This is more or less him fully developed I’d say.


How many goals did he score?

He scored 23 goals in 44 games which is poor really. He did play in less games than last season as he suffered a little injury but it doesn’t alter the fact that he needs to up his game from now on.


Fabio Lorenzini

I’m still hopeful that his stamina and strength will improve.


How many goals did he score?

He knocked in 42 goals in 52 games as he had his best season to date.


Emincan Tekin

Similar to Fabio I’m just hoping for his stamina and strength to reach green level.


How many goals did he score?

He scored 22 goals in 42 games and although he played a few less games than last year it’s just not the required return we are looking for.


So with a combined total of 87 goals our boys have fallen short of what is required and I’ve got no choice but to make a few changes for next season.

Some notable matches









We brought in a few new faces to replace a few older players.

  • Weston McKennie (Central Midfielder) - A steady all round midfielder.
  • Hamza Mendyl (Left Wing Back) - I had to replace an ageing Telles and this lad was the player I chose and hopefully he’ll do the job.
  • Assane Dioussé (Central Midfielder) - I’ve used this player before and he should do a decent job for us.
  • Eulânio Gaiteiro (Centre Forward) - We Brought in this young lad as a back up to our trio.

A few young players graduated from our academy who will hopefully feature in the first team over the next few years.

Full list of all transfers below.





Team Performances

We won everything going domestically but failed in the final of the Champions League as we lost out to Real Madrid in a tightly contested affair. The league was a walk in the park as we only dropped points in one game but we just couldn’t get enough goals which was highly frustrating.


A more detailed look below.



We only drew one game but unfortunately we couldn’t score anywhere near the required amount goals so that’s one area where we need to improve for next season.



Braga were our opponents in the seasons curtain raiser and we got the job done in a comfortably 2-0 win with two of our boys scoring a goal each.


League Cup

We simply hammered Porto in this final but we would’ve liked more goals to show for our domination.


Taça de Portugal

A one sided final against Rio Ave and Fabio managed to get himself one of the goals.


Champions League

We fought our way through the knockout stages and found ourselves in the final where Real Madrid awaited us. They got off to a great start with Harry Kane netting a first half brace. In the second half we gave it a good go and a goal from Fabio made for an interesting final 15 minutes but ultimately we came up short and this one still eludes us.


Fixtures and Manager

Full fuxture list below with the managers profile page.











This Season/Overall (Goals)

Jan Thielmann: 23/150

Fabio Lorenzini: 42/145

Emincan Tekin: 22/157

This Season Total: 87 goals

Triple Threat Total: 452/1500 goals

Another frustrating season and changes will need to be made here as we are starting to stink the place out. The way this is going I won’t even get a new stadium for the club!

I’ve decided I will rename this thread to something more appropriate if my boys don’t score at least 100 goals next season.

Thanks for reading and all comments are greatly appreciated.

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Season Seven

We came close to breaking the 100 goal season barrier a few years ago but since then have suffered a couple of poor seasons where our boys have been stuck with 80 odd goal returns. No need to dress it up as it’s clear we need more and hopefully this year will be the year our boys really kick on.

The Terrifying Trio

Jan Thielmann

He is what he is now, a decent player and we need him to up his game.


How did he perform this season?

He scored 25 goals in 48 games which isn’t great so we’ll be needing more from the other two if we are going to hit the 100 goal mark.


Fabio Lorenzini

Again he’s looking decent now and whilst he’s not a world beater you can see by his attributes that he should have plenty of goals in him.


How did he perform this season?

How managed 40 goals in 49 games which is decent enough but we’ll still be needing a steady return from our third lad if we are to get to our target.


Emincan Tekin

He looks like he’s the best player out of our trio but one thing I do wish is that I’d picked at least one player with a decent number for aggression as it is an attribute I like in a striker and I feel them all having a pitiful number there is slightly hindering us.


How did he perform this season?

He scored 40 goals in 47 games which means our trio have finally crossed the 100 goal barrier.


Notable Games













So we now know that our boys have stepped it up a bit and now we’ll see how the team got on starting with the transfers.


We brought a few players in for decent fees as money isn’t really proving a problem now. I won’t go through them all as we are getting to the stage where the majority are regens but the full list is below. 




Team Performances

We finally won the Champions League as we beat Juventus in the final. There was no competition domestically and it was nice to score 120 goals.


A more detailed look below.



Okay we dropped points in two games but we just can’t be upset with our campaign as we ended up with a goal difference of 107.



Rio Ave were our opponents and they didn’t pose much threat with just two shots both of which were off target. We would’ve liked more goals but at least both of the goals were scored by members of our Terrifying Trio.


League Cup

We faced off against Sporting in the final where Tekin scored what would turn out to be the winning goal from the spot towards the end of the first half.


Taça de Portugal

Porto offered a bit more threat in the Taça de Portugal cup final but we still made light work of it with a 2-0 victory.


Champions League

We haven’t really had much luck in this competition and once Serdar was sent off I had a feeling we were going to miss out on the big one again. I kept the three up top after the sending off and Fabio delivered big style with a nice hat trick so we can celebrate finally winning a European trophy.


Fixtures and Manager Profile

I’ve got a German midfielder in now which brings up the possibility of completing the Gundogan Victory challenge and we came close this year but couldn’t get the all important 9-0 result. 











This Season/Overall (Goals)

Jan Thielmann: 25/175

Fabio Lorenzini: 40/185

Emincan Tekin: 40/197

This Season Total: 105 goals

Triple Threat Total: 557/1500 goals

So that’s the 100 goal barrier crossed which gives us confidence that we can actually get to our target.

Thanks for reading and all comments are greatly appreciated.

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2 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Great job on passing 100 goals. 1/3rd of the target crossed as well. KIU


2 hours ago, Rob said:

Wooha! 100!


2 hours ago, Foxy said:

Well done on the 100+. Next aim 150 goal season !?!?


37 minutes ago, Woody said:


Thank you all for the comments.

The next target is to just increase the total but I’m hoping that we can maybe get them over the 120 goal mark in the next few years. 

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1 hour ago, smoggy90 said:

Great work hitting that 100 mate, I think 120 is definitely a realistic target. 

Thanks Smoggy, yeah I’d be pretty happy with that.

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