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Career Ian - The Terrifying Trio - TT - Tekin 1kc - S23 (Completed)


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Hello Vibe and welcome to my next little adventure where I’m going for The Triple Threat Challenge originally created by @J-savage so credit to him for that.

The challenge is simple to understand but not necessarily easy to execute. You need to use three strikers all played in forward positions at all times and try and get them to score a combined 1500 career goals under your management.

When I attempted the double trouble challenge I went for a couple of players I hadn’t heard of or seen anybody else use and I’ll be doing the same here but obviously picking three lads this time.

What club have I chosen to manage to undertake this challenge?




As I’m using unknown players I felt I needed a fairly weak league to give me a chance of success even if the boys turn out a bit poor. I’ve managed Porto before on other challenges and I felt the league was right for this but went with Benfica this time due to their top facilities which should help my boys reach their full potential whatever that may be.

Now I better introduce the players.

The Terrifying Trio

Jan Thielmann


Jan the man was actually released by FC Köln so their loss is our gain as we sign him up on a free transfer.

Fabio Lorenzini


Fabio was bought for 550k from Olympique de Marseille Reserves and hopefully he can prove his worth.

Emincan Tekin


Tekin was brought in from the Hertha Berlin second team for 210k and hopefully he’ll do the business for us.

These players look a bit ropey in places but hopefully they can develop into decent players and give me a fighting chance of hitting the target.

Anyway that’s the introduction out of the way and I’ll back back in a day or so with an update so we can see how they get on in their first season.

Thanks for reading.

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Really going to look forward to how they grow Ian, in triple threats it always looks like you’ve signed some duds but then as they grow into the best...


Anyway good luck with the challenge!

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15 minutes ago, Lord Danish said:

When will this go out!!!!!

I'm excited!!!!!

Cheers, the next update should be out in the next couple of hours.

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Season One

Here I am with an update of the first season of this Triple Threat Challenge.

With the boys being so young and undeveloped the targets for this season are:

  • Avoid the dreaded sack as there are definite risks involved with having three poor players up top most of the time.
  • Hopefully see some improvements in the boys attributes.
  • Everything else is a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

Let’s see how The Terrifying Trio got on shall we?

The Terrifying Trio

Jan Thielmann

Jan the man has just turned 17 and has improved a good bit already and long may that continue.


How many goals did he score?

He managed a rather unsavoury 7 goals in 43 games.


Fabio Lorenzini

Fabio hasn’t quite turned 17 yet and like Jan the man has improved a good bit already but is still rough in places.


How many goals did he score?

He also managed to score 7 goals in 40 odd games which is not exactly earth shattering.


Emincan Tekin

Again like the other two Tekin has shown signs that he might develop into a half decent player.


How many goals did he score?

He managed 11 goals in 39 games and although he outgunned his strike partners his total is nothing to write home about.


So the boys have put up a rather revolting return in their opening season but they are only 16-17 years old so plenty of time to rectify that.

Let’s see how the team performed now and I’ll start with the transfers.


I tried to reshape the squad as best as I could and brought a few new faces in along with our trio.


  • Rolando Mandragora (Central Midfielder) - A quality young player who will play a big part in any success we manage in the next few years.
  • Alex Telles (Left Wing Back) - A nice and tidy left wing back brought in from Porto. I’ve used him previously so I have every faith in him to perform well for us here.
  • Kevin Mbabu (Right Wing Back) - I’ve never used this lad before but he has all the right attributes for the role.
  • Thiago Mendes (Central Midfielder) - He will provide us with another option in midfield. 
  • Scott McKenna (Central Defender) - A decent value for money defender who will improve our defence no end.

I sold off a good few players to fund our signings and all are listed below.





Team Performances

We won the league but with a rather low amount of goals scored. The domestic cups went ok as we won one and got to the final of the other. We couldn’t qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League but did drop into the Europa League where we made our way to the final but unfortunately lost out to Arsenal.


A more detailed look below.



The league was won comfortably but we would’ve liked to have scored more goals but with my trio being so raw we couldn’t quite manage it. Hopefully we can knock in a few more goals next season as my boys continue to improve.


League Cup

We lost in the final on penalties against Braga as we couldn’t get many of our shots on target during the match.


Taça de Portugal

We won this one on penalties against Rio Ave after they equalised in stoppage time to force extra time. 


Champions League

The group was quite tight between the top three teams and we just couldn’t quite make it into the knockout phase but finishing third meant we fell into the Europa League.


Europa League

We dominated Arsenal from start to finish in the final but couldn’t score and a solitary goal from Welbeck was enough to hand them the cup.



Full fixture list for those interested.













This Season/Overall (Goals)

Jan Thielmann: 7/7

Fabio Lorenzini: 7/7

Emincan Tekin: 11/11

This Season Total: 25 goals

Triple Threat Total: 25/1500 goals

Well that’s the first season done and our boys haven’t got off to a particularly great start but it’s early days and I won’t be panicking yet.

Thanks for reading and all comments are greatly appreciated.

Edited by 1759
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2 hours ago, Chazza111 said:

Wow Ian, we are in for the Long haul! Unfortunately tough first season but I’m sure you’re results will improve

Thanks, I wouldn’t want it any other way😀

1 hour ago, Foxy said:

That season looks like it was hard going but the reward was some nice attribute growth more than the goals I think.

Thanks Foxy, yeah it was hard to get goals and results with the boys but it looks there is some potential growth in the players so I’m hopeful of getting more goals next season.

1 hour ago, Nucleus said:

Tough start. Plenty of time to turn things around, but not as many cock ups left in the bank 😛 

Cheers, Yes it was a struggle for me and I may have bitten off more than I can chew but not ready to throw the towel in just yet.

43 minutes ago, Rob said:

Difficult first season done and dusted. Keep it up!

Thanks Rob, Yes that’s it for me, I just wanted to get through the season with something to show for it and although my boys didn’t score many their attributes increased a good bit so there’s promise there.

39 minutes ago, Woody said:

With nobodies thats a decent start mate.

Onwards and upwards.

Thank you Woody, it always makes it interesting for me when you have no idea how the players will turn out. Guess we’ll find out over the next few weeks with these boys one way or the other😂

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I’m not going to go with the boring old cliches and instead say that’s a very poor start Ian. This is not what I’ve come to expect from my World Cup winning partner.

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35 minutes ago, samhardy said:

I’m not going to go with the boring old cliches and instead say that’s a very poor start Ian. This is not what I’ve come to expect from my World Cup winning partner.

Yeah it’s a putrid start make no mistake but my boys are just warming to the task. 

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1 minute ago, 1759 said:

Yeah it’s a putrid start make no mistake but my boys are just warming to the task. 

To be fair if they were any colder they’d be frozen solid :P

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25 minutes ago, samhardy said:

To be fair if they were any colder they’d be frozen solid :P

Proper negativity there Sam and I won’t let it get to my boys.

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Very impressive start league wise considering the output of your strikers, when I saw their numbers I was sure you'd of had a poor season but you just about saved it haha

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10 hours ago, Ashez said:

Very impressive start league wise considering the output of your strikers, when I saw their numbers I was sure you'd of had a poor season but you just about saved it haha

Thanks, I’ll take it at this stage but I’ll be hoping for more goals next year that’s for sure.

17 minutes ago, smoggy90 said:

Tough start mate but at this stage i guess it's all about those attributes and their progression.  You have plenty of time on your side!

Yes they could hardly score at the beginning and although their attributes improved a good bit over the season they were always tired or jaded with being so young.

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Season Two

Our ‘Terrifying Trio’ were rather timid in their first season as they could only muster 25 goals between them. Improvement is badly needed here so the aim for this season is to get a few more goals for the front three.

Let’s see how they got on.

The Terrifying Trio

Jan Thielmann

Jan the man has steadily improved this season and it looks like he’s going to develop decent physical attributes which will be important in future seasons.


How many goals did he score?

He scored 28 goals in 43 games which is a nice improvement on last seasons tally of 7 so I’m more than happy with it.


Fabio Lorenzini

Fabio is also improving all the time but I’m concerned about his stamina as I’ve seen that attribute not improve in some players and if his stays below 10 we’ll be in big trouble here.


How many goals did he score?

He got an improved total of 21 goals in 37 games which will do us fine at this stage.


Emincan Tekin

Again a nice increase in attributes but like Fabio his stamina is the main concern.


How many goals did he score?

He managed a nice 31 goals in 34 games which is fantastic after his low total of 11 last year.


So the boys combined to score 80 goals this season and they are only 17 so we can be fairly happy with that.

Notable matches for our trio
















Now let’s see how the team performed starting with the transfers.


We tried to improve the squad with some fairly big money signings.

  • Tanguy Ndombele (Central Midfielder) - I’m sure most will have heard or used this guy and I’m sure he’ll be a great player for us over the next 5 to 10 years.
  • Borna Sosa (Left Wing Back) - Seems a good young wing back and will hopefully be ushered in over the next few seasons.
  • Yussuf Poulsen (Centre Forward) - He’s a decent striker who will play a big part in any success we have over the next few years whilst my trio develop.
  • Joshua Vagnoman (Right Wing Back) - I’ve used this lad before so I’m hoping he can do a job for us on this save.
  • Fábio Silva (Centre Forward) - We picked him up on a free and it’s safe to say he’ll make a rather decent back up striker.

Plenty of outgoings and they are all listed along with the incomings below.





Team Performances

We had a great season domestically winning everything going but Europe was tricky and we were eliminated in the first knockout round as we lost to Bayern on penalties after a rather closely fought tie. In the league we nearly doubled our goals scored tally from last season by scoring 110 goals and only conceding 7.


I’m still messing about with my system and whilst it seems like it’ll be great domestically I have a feeling I’ll need to find some tweaks for the tough European games but at this stage it’s fine as my boys honestly don’t need any more games as they are struggling for fitness as it is.

A more detailed look below.



We were rather dominant here in going unbeaten all season with only two draws and a goal difference of 103.



A couple of our trio were amongst the goals as we beat Rio Ave 3-0 in what can only be described as a hiding.


League Cup

We faced off against Sporting in the final and we were slightly the better side and deserved our win.


Taça de Portugal

Rio Ave were beaten again and this time Tekin opened the scoring and Jan the man scored a brace in a 3-0 victory.


Champions League

We played well in the home leg of the first knockout stage against Bayern but an 88th minute goal from Thomas Müller really dented our hopes. We were going well in the second leg at 1-1 until as in the first leg Müller scored another 88th minute goal which forced extra time and I kind of knew at this point we weren’t going to win. Penalties it was and the end of our European journey for this year.





Full fixture list for those interested.












This Season/Overall (Goals)

Jan Thielmann: 28/35

Fabio Lorenzini: 21/28

Emincan Tekin: 31/42

This Season Total: 80 goals

Triple Threat Total: 105/1500 goals

A much better season for the trio here and if we can keep the scoring in the 70-90 range for the next few years we’ll be in a great position for when our boys hit their early 20’s.

Thanks for reading and all comments are greatly appreciated.

Edited by 1759
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