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Career Ian - The Terrifying Trio - TT - Tekin 1kc - S23 (Completed)

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4 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

Top effort that with the old geezer who's fading fast - funny how we talk about them like this when he's actually the same age as I am! My strength probably dropped from 18 to 14 over the last 12 months so I feel his pain :D

Thank you Mr Tree, yes he’s still a young man when you think about it and he still does a great job of finding the net.

1 hour ago, Kanegan said:

Just a season to go for the 1KC. This has been a fantastic journey. Finish on a high mate.

Thank you Kane, it’s been a fantastic journey.

1 hour ago, Rob said:

Textbook mate. All the drama is gone - well done!

Thank you Rob, it’s appreciated.

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Season Twenty-Three

With just 21 goals required it’s simply a question of when rather than if Tekin will reach the target. 

We made a few incoming transfers but nothing major as the squad is ok to see us home and I don’t have the motivation to go beyond the 1000 goals so no real forward planning required.





November 25th 2040

Emincan scored a league hat trick against Vit. Setúbal and the third of those goals was his 1000th club goal for Benfica. He had scored a hat trick in the previous league game as well so was in great form but as I said earlier I won’t continue as I feel we’ve achieved all we can here and the few extra goals he could get in his last two and half years just doesn’t appeal enough. I actually finished this a while ago and just left the save for a bit with the intention of at least finishing the season but I haven’t been able to go back to it so it ends here.


I’ll go through the other details of the season now starting with the main man.

Emincan Tekin

He got his 21 goals and in only 19 games which was great going and even though he probably wouldn’t be able to keep that form up all season you could easily see him hitting over 40 goals again.




Tekin Power Play

Just the one other hat trick as mentioned above.


Team Performances

We won the first ten games in the league but lost out on the Supertaça as we left our shooting boots at home and fell to Rio Ave via the dreaded penalty shoot out.






It took us a while to crack the Champions League but we got there in the end and dominated more or less from then on in. This is actually the first long career I’ve done where we haven’t been quite successful enough for the board to build us a new stadium but you can’t have everything I guess.






Look at all the money we’ve spent here! My transfer acumen was rather poor on this save as I’d often buy in players with good intentions and then find they weren’t doing it so would just cut my loses which can’t help this attribute I wouldn’t think. 



Emincan Tekin 1kc:

This season: 21 goals

Total: 1000/1000 goals (Completed)

Jan Thielmann, Fabio Lorenzini & Emincan Tekin Triple Threat: 

Total: 1500/1500 goals (Completed)

Could you please be so kind and add my Emincan Tekin 1k score to the leaderboard @Foxy.

Thank you to everyone who’s followed this and especially those that have dropped the odd comment along the way as it’s greatly appreciated. It’s been a nice little career and I’ve enjoyed it all throughout the triple threat and then the Tekin 1k. I actually had no intention of going for the 1k with Tekin until right at the end of the TT and when I started, needing a good few goals with an ageing player I was kind of regretting the fact that I hadn’t even had him on penalties and free kicks for much of the time during the triple threat days and thought that might cost us but luckily it was comfortable in the end.

This was going to be my last long save on this years game but it hasn’t panned out that way as I’ve already started a new one and should be back in a day or so to introduce it. It’s more of a personal feel good save to end the year but I feel I may as well post it as some might enjoy it.

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Congrats mate. It was a great career to follow and so happy you got the Tekin 1KC in the end. Also happy that your TT has ended just as mine is about to start. 😃

Looking forward to your next career.

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1 hour ago, Ran7777 said:

Amazing career mate👏👏


Looking forward to your next career.



1 hour ago, Kanegan said:

Congrats mate. It was a great career to follow and so happy you got the Tekin 1KC in the end. Also happy that your TT has ended just as mine is about to start. 😃

Looking forward to your next career.


48 minutes ago, smoggy90 said:

Great career mate and congrats on getting that 1k to go with your TT!


39 minutes ago, Rob said:

Well done @Ian. Textbook. Can’t wait to see what you do next.


36 minutes ago, Mr Tree said:

Great stuff @Ian- looking forward to your next endeavour!

Thank you all for the nice comments and fabulous support throughout. 

I’m not sure my new career will be to everyone’s taste but I’m enjoying it and it will be my last long save this year so might as well post it up.

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