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Help Football manager mobile 2020

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5 hours ago, Engjellgold said:

Is that 100% Sure?

Absolutely 100% for certain. They can barely get the game through the opening credits without a bug appearing never mind making a change that big to the match engine.

They’ve said quite a few times that 3D won’t be possible in the near future.

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5 hours ago, alebuffalari said:

Is there any chance we get argentinian and brazilian leagues in 2020 for the mobile version? We NEED the Copa Libertadores

There's a chance but I doubt it. Brazil was only removed a few years ago after all.

The thing about Argentina is it's such a complicated league it probably would only be half-implemented and wouldn't be as enjoyable.

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On 09/07/2019 at 18:54, Engjellgold said:

Hello guys,who can give me any news if Football manager mobile 2020 will be 3D?

It won’t be. But FMT will be and it can run on small tablets. When anyone asks for FMM to be 3D, they should instead ask for FMT to be compatible with large phones instead. Because it’s basically FMM with 3D and other features. FMM will probably always be 2D and streamlined. There’s no reason to have two separate development teams make the same app. 

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