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Help How do you find posts if they aren’t new


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Hey guys, if posts aren’t new or you don’t follow the OP, how do you find the post. For example in my recent post I haven’t had many replies. How do I get more?

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You look in the forum which is under the community tab then click FMM19 Community. You can then click the various tabs if there is a specific type of content you want to view. If you are looking for some thing specific then use the search tab/bar.

Where you find it is different whether you are on phone or tablet.



Click the three lines in top left corner for the menu.




Click community on the top bar.


As for more comments.

People will comment if they want but I’m not sure you can make them in anyway. You have started a lot of careers in the last week or so that have gone nowhere and when that happens you lose a little trust in the community that you will see things through and then in turn people are less inclined to comment. The best thing you can do is prove that you can finish things by sticking to your latest career and you will gain back trust and hopefully more comments will come your way.

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