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Hello I’m Hamood


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Created this account back in late December of last year, thinking to myself “why not make an account?” And here we are 7 months later of not sparking up any discussions on threads and @Nucleus can definitely agree that I was just some random account made on that dat and wouldn’t expect anything more from it. Finally, this wasn’t the case anymore!

I had stumbled upon this lovely community after literally searching up for guides on FMM18 (at the time, I was very new to the game and still am to this day.. maybe) I was merely just an observer, reading threads and just getting familiar with the game and it’s community. There were many other communities but luckily this one just stood out to me. With a fair amount of knowledge in football (I’d have more if I wasn’t diverging into other sports *cough* basketball) I began to learn the game and just get better at it.

Anyways, everything’s well and started a rebuilding journey with Wolves (COYW) I would say more but at the moment I don’t feel like going on and on and on and on, funnily enough I only wanted to produce a mere introduction but this has turned into a mediocre essay! Ahh I need to stop talking, anyways..

Hello all!

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@NucleusAh no, we haven’t “met” but I say that because you were coincidentally the first person that took a peak at my profile. But consider this occurrence as one! 👍🏼

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