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Mr Tree

Career Tree's DT attempt - 11 seasons with Anderlecht (now paused)

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4 hours ago, AnonymousLietchensteiner said:

Can you show their attributes? Surely they’d be growing with all those goals?

They're honestly not much further along than they were in season 3, the useless gits. Although Forss has ticked up to 18 shooting and movement, at least. I'll get a screenshot at the end of season 8.

I probably won't bore you guys much further - I am enjoying it, or I was, although season 8 has become a bit of a slog, a few injuries etc. I was reasonably determined to play out their whole careers, but we'll see how that goes. I'll post some summaries etc at least 👍

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Back in the 70's, at least, with exactly 70 this year - fair play to big Gus, who had his best season and a couple of stonking runs of form before unfortunately picking up a calf injury that ruled him out for the last month...




For @AnonymousLietchensteiner and anyone else interested, here's their current attributes:




Got a frustrating draw in the last game to leave me way off last season's pace :(



And knocked out in the champs league by Juventus to spoil a perfect year otherwise:



Full details below... Otherwise:

Target 1200

Total 401

AT THIS RATE THEY WILL REACH THE TARGET IN... 2038!! This relies on them maintaining 70 goals a year into their late 30's, but why not?!?!






Just the one big transfer in, a right-back who looks dynamite, so I let my incumbent Mazraoui go rather than leaving him to waste as a backup. But of course we then drew Leipzig in the champs league and seems Mazraoui didn't actually take leaving Anderlecht too well...


:D otherwise, my other incomings were talented 16/17 year olds, and I sold two strikers who were getting too big for their boots, although Gonzalez came back to haunt me...



Gonzalez scored in the first leg and Harry Kane did the damage in Italy to knock me out of the UCL - I had to play a dark-green at LB in the second leg as my other two were injured :(


Ah well... The rest of the year was standard, although the European Super Cup (against my other departed striker) was fairly sensational:






The lads


Think that was Gustav's first hat-trick for me, but 3 was not enough!





Top two, and Marcus is the daddy in Belgium.


Seven players for me, including Marcus and a reserve centre-back. The left-winger is an ex-player of mine too (a signing from the first season, I believe), while the other forward selected there is a farce - rubbish AvR and only 10 goals - stupid game :(


Odds n sods

Didn't know where else to put these...


Robben regen? He's been great for me and his value has exploded now (he was up to 160mill by the end of the season).


Good start at the new stadium :)

Thanks for reading!


Edited by Mr Tree

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On 09/08/2019 at 09:43, smoggy90 said:

Hope you don't lose heart too much and continue to update mate, still enjoy seeing your updates and if you're enjoying it that's the main thing. 


Cheers mate - think I'll do it like this now on, putting the detail in the spoilers. I still enjoy it although winning all the time can get a little tedious, plus I have a "great" "new" idea that I want to get started on.... We'll see how it works out :)

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Looking at the attributes of your duo I think you are having a good go at this as they aren’t great. If you can get them up to the 80-100 goals range (easier said than done) for a few seasons you may have a chance of hitting the target.

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A good season, but could've been better. The one problem with these two, probably connected with them being "not so good", is that they're very streaky, and they can go into horrible slumps - I was getting big dreams but Marcus ended the season horribly, poor morale and constant 6's...



Gus's best season, even beating his buddy! Disappointing to see him pick up his first booking in 4 years though :(



Yeah, I lost TWO games domestically! My first Belgian Cup loss in 8 years, plus my first league loss in the last 3 years. But my highest goals scored total, so not all bad. 

Early euro exit too, to Man City. Transitioning and blooding a few awesome young talents, so one step back for five steps forward, hopefully...


Target 1200

Total 470

AT THIS RATE.... Well, it's the same rate as last season :D

Really need 3 or 4 hundred-goal seasons here to stand a chance, especially with Marcus turning 28 this off-season. But the encouraging thing is, this season at least gave a glimpse that it might be possible....

Full details:



England produces the best left-backs... Otherwise, just young talent coming in. Moved on a few who weren't going to make it or who were being forced out, but Molberg went on to run the show in the league game that I lost, sigh. Veeckman was a great CB for me but he got sent off in the first half of the first league game (when we were already 2-0 up), I played one of my hundreds of quality young CB's and didn't restore Veeckman, so he started sulking after two or three games. A shame to get rid but he was a dick.








What can ya do :)


My defence wasn't as solid this season, and I paid the price (also for not scoring in Manchester).


The lads

Some great individual highlights for the boys:








One quick footnote, I love this lad I picked up from Napoli for 500k - barely played the first couple of years, but kept developing and now he's my captain, and he finally got his first cap for Italy too!


Edited by Mr Tree

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26 minutes ago, AnonymousLietchensteiner said:

He looks like a beast, too bad he’s a regen

Gah - you know, with the age, I assumed he wasn't, but just checked and you're right - second season regen, so an Italian who retires after the first season? Not necessarily de Rossi, cos I had him in a Roma save and he hung around...

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10 minutes ago, Kavver said:

Really nice story, Mr. Tree. I enjoy following it! 

Im curious on what formation you play? 4-4-2 with att. mentality? 

Cheers! Yes, actually - or 4-2-2-2, cos the wingers are up high and play as inside forwards. I'm gonna post it "soon", just for the record, although it's nowhere near as fancy as many posted on here. But I've found it very effective.

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Oh nice. I look forward to see it. 

I love simple tactics. It gives you fleksibility to use different kind of players. An you mainly "win" fm by having a strategy on players, staff and scouting. f.x. i like to have players that have the same nationality as the league. It somehow gives a synergy effect. 

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Good, but not quite good enough. I love the team I've built, but I will review after next season when hopefully I reach the halfway point of the DT target - there's one more challenge I want to try before the new game's released, so only got about 2.5 months to do that now...

So the boys - Marcus went up:


But Gustav went down :(


Target 1200

Total 542



And the team had a memorable year, although we scored 14 less in the league than last year and only conceded 13 less, so no GD PB...


And a 3rd Champs League win in 6 years, overcoming an interestingly named regen thanks to two goals from Big Gus:


Full details below - thanks for reading!




Spent 6mill overall this season - two big purchases, the top one a Rooney regen and the second one a Belgian BWM. Got rid of a couple of midfielders (Zanotti was being squeezed out anyway, even before Robin arrived), a winger, plus my Argie keeper - the coaches rated him above my Belgian alternative, but I think Belgian boy's fine enough and he won the tiebreaker on nationality.






You've seen the main two - confirmation that it was a clean sweep:




Gotta love those late goals :D

We started the league on fire, by the way:


First goal we ended up conceding was in injury-time when I was 6-0 up!


The lads








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14 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Well, then you have plenty of time to reach the target.

At this rate, they'll be 36 and 38 when I do - unlikely they'll keep going at this rate as they age!

I can always save my new project for next year's game though, so we'll see. Maybe (just an idea) I'll put a target of 75 on the next season - 75+ I'll carry on...

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Maybe change their roles a bit for next season and see if you can increase the goal tally. Sargent in mine has just turned 38 and he is still going.

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The gods have spoken... Actually, I'm not religious so... I always liked the Bill Hicks line, what do atheists say when they come? "Fate and Destiny, Fate and Destiny"? "Chemical Chaaaaance!"?

So, fate and destiny have spoken.

I said above, if I get 75+ goals this season, I'll keep going. It was a throwaway line really, not a binding offer, but...

We had our best season. New PB GD.

But we needed two goals from the guys in the Champions League final. And we only got one :(







Target 1200

Total 616

We finally passed halfway :D


More details in the spoiler...







First a quick mention - the top two here are my centre-backs. And the previous winner (Robinson) is my LB :D




Smashed 'em.



Thank god I won this!! The first Brugge player that missed was my reserve RB for years, fyi...


A couple of highlights from the lads... Marcus's first four-goal haul:


Big Gus's only hat-trick of the season in a thrashing of lowly Eupen:



So given how that worked out, I think it's a sign to lay this down and see if my other idea is worth a look. No promises! I can always pick this one back up if that's going nowhere...

My manager stats at the end:


...or if you prefer the percentages and averages:


So yeah if Vincent Kompany gets three CL's over the next 11 years AND makes 300m+ profit, sure, he'll be seen as a 6/20 kinda guy in the transfer market!! Ridiculous...


Thanks for reading, sorry I couldn't get it done but I hope it was entertaining at least!

Edited by Mr Tree

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Your boys did well this season but I can understand why you’ve made your decision as it does look unlikely that they’ll be able to reach the target.

You’ve had a great go at it though and should be proud. I now look forward to your next adventure and what Brentfordness awaits us this time.😀

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14 hours ago, KyleJNichol said:

Just caught up on this and you was doing well @Mr Tree, but you was unlucky with injuries. Shame that you’re stopping at this moment in time, but it’s understandable 

messed it up at the start, really. hopefully i've learned my lessons :)

thanks @Paul186and @Kaneganfor your comments, much appreciated :)

Edited by Mr Tree

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