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Help What makes a good corner/free kick taker..


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In a simplistic way yes but there’s a positive trait in the coaching report that tells you if a player is good at set pieces or corners.



You see my guy has “can deliver a good corner” so I’ll put him on corners.

There’s a few more similar and I’ll go through them below but the names might be wrong.

  • Takes a good penalty - obvious what this one means.
  • Takes a good free kick - Again obvious.
  • Good at set pieces - Can take a good corner and free kick.
  • Expert at dead ball situations - Good at corners, free kicks and penalties (I think)

There’s also ones in the negative side which let you know if a players isn’t so good at them such as “unconvincing at penalties”.

I’ll use this when selecting my takers but if I haven’t got any players with those traits then I’ll go with shooting for free kicks and pens and crossing for corner takers.

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Coolio..thanks..my free kick taker is very hit and miss..mostly a miss..I'll take a look see what report says

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