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Help PA help pls


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Pls can someone tell me, if I have a young striker who has a high PA of 180. Can I demote this lower to say 175 if I train them in a new position using the training function.

Say he is naturally a FC and I train him as a RW Inside forward over three months. Or separately if I train him from a target man to a poacher will it naturally reduce his PA.

Thanks in advance all.



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No, retraining won't reduce his PA. The only thing that can do that, as far as I'm aware, is if he gets a really serious injury. But a) I've never actually seen proof of this, I've just heard this; and b) we're not just talking a normal injury, even a normal 6 month injury won't have this affect, it will just knock their CA back a bit and they can just earn that back later.

What retraining does do, is it changes where the game is likely to award attribute increases. So if he is a Poacher, the game is likely give him increases in Shooting, Movement, etc, not in Crossing etc. If you retrain them as a Winger, it's likely to give him increases in Crossing, Movement, but maybe Shooting is a little less likely.

So... retraining doesn't mean less PA, it just means you use up some of their development in other areas that may or may not be useful depending on where you are going to play him eventually. If the player has limited PA, then you might end up with them in the wrong 'shape'. But with PA of 180, he can probably develop well enough in multiple areas...

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