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Career Doku chasing 2k goals. EME

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Season 7

Another exciting season. Long story short:

Transfers in


Alaba always decent first team member till he is 35 but he wasn't providing much so I p/ex him for Tierney. Matondo a back up RW. Kirkpatrick is a monster youngster and I just had to have Maradona even swapped Haland for him

Transfers out


Eriksen too old, Wague and Fernandes didn't progress enough. Alex Meret free agent was p/ex swapped for Gomez

Another clean sweep on trophies EE36D061-A002-4D9A-B561-224B9936DA65.thumb.png.723c374889aba6da87d1d3b9f16694c5.png7BC8E0EB-9FAB-4308-8079-F73465EA62CB.thumb.png.ac37fa6f7d9fb435d5c09d5b067f0f11.png16621793-0888-4533-A718-14BF9F42C4B3.thumb.png.cb69520afc34e8f6a71498383eb4948e.png1A2AD446-B078-43FC-85E3-D1E2F458A983.thumb.png.fe7a5d2befbdc97d59ec157b07c227ea.pngF998F642-ABA0-443A-A11E-82100C662484.thumb.png.44776799ec57697b92315395c0388a3a.png

Sorry for the "ringer" 😂 F1CB6A55-66C5-4833-8514-BEE23A0CC237.thumb.png.1d65ed0a13e59223c0e9556a4eb99af7.png

Again couldn't reach 143 league goals

Team stats are marvelous60486A99-22C8-4957-ACE7-967F1D9EEC22.thumb.png.6a4e8fbf33a7e2c5d8abcbf8ed224202.png  

Pavon broke his own record with 65 assists and Davies yet a best signing after first season with 30+ assists 2 years in the row. 

And another great season for Doku


17 goals in 10 games for Belgium 🇧🇪 and 115 club goals. One goal more than last season-132. 

642 club+61 international-19 int before me=684 career goals under my command. Would he score another 130 next season? Two in a row isn't a pattern but a coincidence?

Thank you for reading. Comments are much appreciated!!! See you soon 

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