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Tactics 2-2-3-1-2 - Shots&Goals&Victories (Testers Needed)


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Hi guys, 

This is my first post and i want to share my newly found great (for me) tactic with you. I first tried this tactic with Fenerbahçe but it was 2022-2023 season and my team was full of regens so i decided to try it with a new team. So i decided to start the game as an unemployed local manager. After a week Kırklarelispor (Turkish 2. Leauge Red) offer me job so i jumped in. Anyway i bought free players because there was no money on the club. I tried the tactic and boom! it worked :)

So, here is the Shots&Goals&Victories tactic;






Here is the results




As you can see, more shots then opponent and more goal :)

Match Engine is EME

One defender is BPD to play the game to midfield

WingBacks are Inverted Wing Back so they both help defence and midfield

All midfielders are BBM, so they need good stamina to stay in the game.

We have an AM to feed the strikers and score from distance if his shooting is good.

One striker is TM so he needs a good aerial ability. Always use right striker as TM so stays near post on corners and score more goals.

Other stiker is Poacher.


Team Mentality is Overload because the best way to defend is to attack ;)

Width is Narrow because or passing style is short so we can quikly get the ball to opponent's half.


So, this is the tactic. Please try and enjoy. Good luck ;)


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8 hours ago, Schwantz34 said:

That looks like a crazy setup, so I'll definitely give it a test 😎

yeah bro totally crazy with good strikers and AM, team can score bunch of goals

8 hours ago, John flow said:

I will give it a go with Liverpool

good luck bro

51 minutes ago, AndersJ said:

Thanks for sharing, did you test it elsewhere with a team of more quality maybe :)?

i tested it with my Fenerbahce save, dominated the league won 2 euro cups but i had a lots of regens thats why i tested it with a smaller team

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23 hours ago, John flow said:

I will give it a go with Liverpool

I started mine with their bitter rivals Everton before I saw your post 😂

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