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broodje kip

Why you should use these underrated positions

We've used some position like Box to Box midfielder, Defensive Foward and Advance Playmaker but ever wondered what is the use of Central Midfielder, Deep Lying Foward and Attacking Midfielder.

Let me tell you why you should use these positions:

Lets start with Central Midfielder CM. This position for me is considered as the most underrated position in FMM. Ever think that your BBM is stealing some long ranged goals from your strikers, then changed them to a CM. Basically, a CM is a BBM Support for FMM as they are less likely to shoot and try to get instinctive passes to create possible goal chances.

Now lets get to the next postion, Deep Lying Foward. Some guys like to use this position but a lot of them still has no idea about the use of this. So the DLF is like an extra Midfielder if you have either two great Poachers or two great Inside Fowards and lack of attacking midfielder ( due to injuries or you start with teams that didn't use them ). A DLF will usually drop deeper than a striker to supply passes to either wide or in front of him.

Now lets head to the next, Attacking Midfielder. This position is getting popular over the years but still pretty hard to understand about their role. From the description this position is going to sit between the striker and the midfielders. They'll create chances with great vision and decision to the striker and also dribble or through the ball when opposition defenders trying to close down the defence. The AM also need a good shooting as he also craft chances for himself to score some goals.

Our final position is going to be the Sweeper. The sweeper unlike his cousin role, Libero are very uncommon to use in FMM even after this role was moved to the Central Defender position. This is going to be great when playing against opposition that has fast striker and good in through ball. Playing alongside two Central Defender (CD) he's going to steal those through ball and going to save your life a few times. 

Hope these roles can be more frequently used after this.



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