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Hello, good afternoon, I was wondering if there is how I can create / edit a player and he will be there creating several saves, without having to create / edit every time, if I had as they could explain me, or if I had something similar too, thanks.
(sorry the bad English, I'm from Brazil skskks
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7 minutes ago, samhardy said:

I think you can add players to the scrapbook in settings and then they can be used in saves where you add players to a “myclub”.

What would a screpbook be? if i can create l player in my club and then access it in another normal save, that would do, could you give me a step by step how to do it?
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It’ll only work if you start new saves as a myclub.

  1. Select the created player whilst in a save and go onto his profile. Click “actions” and then “add to scrapbook”.
  2. Go onto scrapbook in settings and click “export” on the chosen player.
  3. Start a new game as a myclub.
  4. When you come to add new players to the myclub squad there’ll be an option to import players from the scrapbook.
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14 minutes ago, samhardy said:

Só funcionará se você iniciar novas salvações como um myclub.

  1. Selecione o jogador criado, enquanto em um save e vá para o seu perfil. Clique em “ações” e depois “adicionar ao scrapbook”.
  2. Vá para a página de recados nas configurações e clique em "exportar" no player escolhido.
  3. Comece um novo jogo como um myclub.
  4. Quando você vier adicionar novos jogadores ao time do myclub, haverá uma opção para importar jogadores do scrapbook.
I managed to make the player stay on the album, but I can't make an offer for him, thanks for the help and attention
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