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Career The Adventures Of Batmaz & Robin


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The Adventures Of Batmaz & Robin


Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today I introduce you guys to my latest adventure! You may have noticed I've been quiet since my "Squad Numbers" save entertained the masses but you should of had faith that I was working on something behind the scenes.....Even if that work was slow going and needs to be continued. You see I've been playing this save for months on and off as the desire to play comes and goes but I feel now is the perfect time to open the book and read you a tale of adventures, of highs and lows and of triumph and heart break before I discover how the final chapters play out myself. I won't lie to you guys as I'm currently 12 seasons deep into this journey with the ending still to be written, however I feel I've plenty of hard miles left to climb so what better opportunity to get you guys involved to push me through these final chapters. 

What are "The Adventures Of Batmaz & Robin" I hear you cry? Well my dear fellow listen up as we jump into how this story came to be. 

The Inspiration

I've been known throughout the years of Vibe to run gimmick saves and the like and I do this because I think laid back and fun saves can be a great way to reinvent the game for yourself, especially when you're in a position like mine where you've played the game to death and completed the go to challenges multiple times. Another trait of my is I like to take my other passions found outside of FMM and bring them to the Vibe community, with my "Lower League Rogue" save being a great example where I introduced Rogue-like elements to FMM, or the "Nationlocke" challenge where I borrowed challenge ideas from the Pokemon community. Inspiration can come from anywhere and usually it can be a fantastic approach to mix your passions into saves wherever possible. 

When FMM19 first released and I was looking through the game I discovered a club called Batman found in the unplayable leagues in Turkey, obviously as a massive DC fan this peaked my interest but after hours of trying to get them promoted it just didn't seem possible. I thought the dream died here but then I found someone, he called to me like a signal in the sky! 


Now we're talking i thought as I knew I needed to use this lad for something which is why he showed up during my Squad Numbers save. That however wasn't enough for me as I knew I could do more with the Turkish international but if only there was a challenge where I could unleash the gimmick dream. 

Then it hit me like a Batarang to the face! 

In an excited frenzy I booted up the game and jumped databases like Harley Quinn on a pogo stick trying to find what I needed. I checked more databases than I ever had before looking for a special someone, or in truth for multiple someone's so I could pick the best but unfortunately only one option even existed 


The Dynamic Duo are here baby! That's right I'll be unleashing Batmaz and Robin on the footballing world! Yes it was indeed vital to me that Robin's second name was Robin, going by first names would have beaten the point completely, and this way the commentary call them Batmaz and Robin. How cool is that? Come that's pretty bloody cool!

Is This A Goal Challenge?

The answer from day one has always been yes and no, obviously the dream is to take these two to the Double Trouble leader board but it's not the be all and end all of the save, this save is all about the adventure. The carrot of the accepted target/total will always be there and I'll keep a running total for you guys, if we make it fantastic but if not hopefully the journey was still worth your time. All I'll say is at the time of writing I still have no idea if we'll get across the line in any of the goal challenges but I'm hopeful at least. 

The Club Of Choice

When it came to deciding on a starting club I had two options, I could continue the theme and use somewhere in New York (Gotham City), or maybe somewhere like Valencia (The Bat) and finally I could go the typical big club in a small league route. I ran a fair few test exploring the above options and clubs in Poland, Russia, Turkey and Portugal but in the end I settled for an old favourite of mine......










Celtic are just a club I enjoy playing as and in the end I decided it's where I'd have the most fun and where I thought my duo could thrive the most. After all my very first goal challenge success started in this Scottish city and I thought I'd need all the good omens I could find! 

You should have noticed by now the two ******* incredible pieces of artwork @Foxy created me for this save and I simply can't thank him enough, they're simply incredible! Seriously if he comments below throw some +1's his way as he bloody deserves them, like I seriously love these! I'm heavily tempted to get the Celtic one printed off as a poster as it's just awesome, I get giddy just looking at it! Thank you so much @Foxy, these images alone have been a massive motivator as they need to be seen! 

Anyway that brings my opening post to an end, hopefully you enjoyed the read and that you're on board for the rest of the adventure! As always any comments are encouraged and appreciated! 

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20 hours ago, Ian said:

Excellent introduction and I look forward to seeing how the adventure unfolds.

I wholeheartedly agree with you about @Foxy‘s graphics here as they both look terrific. 

Thanks :)

They're freaking awesome :D

20 hours ago, Lord Danish said:

Interesting save and looking at their stats I think that they can grow at least 3.5 star

Hopefully you predict right :)

19 hours ago, Foxy said:

Both players look rotten to me but luckily you are playing in a rotten league so I’m pretty confident you will do just fine.

Good luck.

Harsh Foxy, very harsh 😂😂😂😂

Thanks again for the art work!! Yes I'm calling them are and not graphics deliberately. 

19 hours ago, Woody said:

Oh i'm excited for this Ash. 😆

Excellent :D

18 hours ago, Nucleus said:

The secret not so secret anymore save is finally out! Enjoyed the read @Ashez , and I’ll do my best to follow. Excellent graphical voodoo @Foxy!

It was one I struggled not to speak to you about tbf, if you pressed for info you might have got it haha. 

14 hours ago, Paul186 said:

Sounds like a great challenge, hope you have some fun and the Joker better beware.

That he should! Thanks for the support Paul!

3 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Great intro, look forward to following this!

Thanks mate :)

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4 hours ago, Ashez said:

It was one I struggled not to speak to you about tbf, if you pressed for info you might have got it haha

I vaguely remember helping you try to get the batman team promote but to no avail, I couldn’t establish the date that the promotions were made iirc

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8 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Looking forward to this mate. Good luck


6 hours ago, LTFC said:

Will be following closely!!

Thanks, the first update will be up in the coming days. I've not really decided on a schedule as yet. 

5 hours ago, Nucleus said:

I vaguely remember helping you try to get the batman team promote but to no avail, I couldn’t establish the date that the promotions were made iirc

That you did, well remembered lol. 

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6 hours ago, berkaytheconqueror said:

I'm Turkish and I laughed because of the Batman. Batman is a city of the east of the Turkey and it pronounces like how it reads.

The more you know 😂 

Ever heard of the player @berkaytheconqueror?

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