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Career The Revival European Journey

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Uhh is this working? Ah there we go 

Hey everyone it's me that guy you sometimes see start a career but can never keep it up for long. So I really haven't been playing FMM19 as much as I wanted to this year and I don't know how long this save may go but since I'm going season based hopefully a pretty long time. So this is basically gonna be a journeyman save With England, Spain, Germany, and Italy loaded completely. I will try to update as much as possible so let's get into the rules I have set myself 


1. Start unemployed with the lowest reputation 

2. I can come and go from clubs as I please 

3. I also can join national teams

4. The save ends when ethier I win the UCL or World Cup or the 30 years cap is met (Obviously) 

5. No unlocks of any kind 

They very basic ones but I'm not super good at FMM19 like other people on this forum so this is pretty good for me. 

So anyways the job hunt begins I will see ya guys next update 200213548_Screenshot_20190807-213014_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.5fef5b3ee4c0a2425d107633597f0a72.jpg1952250385_Screenshot_20190807-213411_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.1dc966eea78633f1adbeb8bfc39251b2.jpg



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