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Help A Training issue


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Hi. I've started a new career save. I've decided to leave training to the assistant. Most of the players stats are improving but I find that the assistant isn't training the players according to my tactic. Do I leave it as it is? Does it really matter or should I just take over training again?


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Assistant will probably do what they think is best rather than match your tactics so you may want to get more involved. I tend to just check them every few game months.

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Well it makes sense. Tbf I haven't yet noticed any difference in the role the game recommends for a player being affected by me nominating a different role for them in training. But makes sense to concentrate your players on the attributes those roles need.

I'd say the actual position of the player is most important. E.g. I had a regen come through who is natural DMC and accomplished MC and MR. I don't utilise a DMC so I got him trained on being natural MC. Once that happened the game changed his recommended role from BWM to DLP without me even asking him to be a DLP.

I guess my conclusion is I'm not sure. Its still relatively new this system so I'm not sure what we yet know.

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