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Help How to counter the 433 with 4231


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I am currently playing a career with a 4231. Gk, WB, CD, BPD, WB, DLP, DLP, W/IF, AP/SS, W/AF, P. I will typically line up attacking, narrow width, slow tempo and balanced creativity. Balanced defensive line, closing down own half, normal tackling, offside trap, no time wasting, attacking: overlap, shoot on sight, through balls, short passing, mixed passing focus, short gk passing.

Teams increasingly line up a 433 against me even if its not their normal game and its super effective. 

I don't really have the players to pick a different formation, especially when the team lines out with the 433 unexpectedly.

I've tried a more defensive mentality and changing WBs to DFBs, but its just not helping.

Please can anyone suggest how to deal with the 433? Preferably without changing formation.

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You would probably need to change formation, personally if drop your AM to a DM or CD and play down the wings with wingback and wingers with Look for Overlap on as they they only have a LB and RB you should easily overload each flank play a CM and BBM in the centre and your DM as a BWM also change to fast tempo and go to Counter attack with Normal or wide width

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