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Career Football Manager Mobile 2019- Brazil's World Cup Dream


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Good Afternoon All,

I have been working on a challenge on FMM19 for quite a while now. I have tested many tactics and styles of play to get this challenge completed. It is, of course, winning the World Cup.

The challenge was so difficult that I found myself being different nations, Belgium, Spain,France etc. I was actually the manager of Belgium a few seperate times and got close to cups with Semi Finals and Finals but could never cross the line. Finally I landed the Brazil FC manager job and was determined to win this time.


So, How did we do it?


I wanted a tactic which would work for all teams. The tactic needed to follow a Tiki Taka style, have width and depth as well as being strong defensively and attackingly.I chose the 3-4-3. (Please see the set up below)



The tournament was actually very difficult - Croatia and Senegal may appear easy in the group stage but you still need to beat them.China, England & Holland followed but of course, the biggest match we played was against our fiercest enemy - Argentina. All of the knockout games were excruciatingly tough and it was a huge achievement just making the Final.


3.The Final

The final was against a very good Portugal side of which we were very narrow favourites. This game was also very difficult and went to extra time. After a hard thought match, we finally won the match 4-2(Please watch the match below).




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Many Thanks Rob!  Very kind words from you!

Many thanks Sam, I acknowledge that Brazil FC proly is not the right term to use.

I also take on board the video speed. Its tricky, I make it a tad quicker as I am unsure how many people would watch a 10-20min video. You can slow the speed on youtube but it is not the same.

Thank you so much for your feedback though

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