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Career The 1,000 Games/2,000 Goal Man


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So I have been very on here for a long time and this is the reason why.

After finishing my Elk of the East Challenge I decided to carry on as I had a good prospect who was scoring for fun and I though he could get me onto the 1,000 goal leaderboard.

Hope you can fit him on @Foxy 😉

That target came and went so I aimed for 1,500 goals then 1,750 and then the magical 2,000....

He wasn't finished there, I managed to get a whopping 2,275 goals from him! Insane 😲 😲😲😲

He was Lewandowski's regen with the imaginative surname of Lewandowski.

His stats were amazing

24 Seasons

2,275 Goals / 2.13 goals per game

12 Seasons with over 100 goals. His best 178 goals!

This is how he looked at the very end, 43 years old and barely able to shuffled around the pitch.


What a fitting send off too, my final game in charge and he pops up in the 90th minute to score his last ever goal.



I also managed to finish the 30 seasons too.

One sacking!
🤔 From Spain when I hadn't even played a game but got sacked for a poor world cup... 


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Wow great work! I've just embarked on a 2K quest and this give me hope. Mind you the playing on until 43 is sort of insane - if my striker does that I guess I can forget about FMM20 for a good while! 😄

Anyway that's truly stunning stuff!! 

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Sorry for the lack of acknowledgements here, lots of very kind messages.

For anyone wondering how this was achieved it wasn't that complicated. Remember this on the OME

The main thing is to bear in mind that this was achieved in China, I haven't test this tactic in any other league. For anyone who hasn't played in China then its very easy to create a squad capable of going through the season unbeaten. You get a big budget at the start and quickly I was getting excellent youth team players after upgrading my facilities.

Well for the best success I have been using a simple 3-2-3-1-1 formation with varying player formation depending on the level of the players I was able to get it. Further through my career I was able to bring better players in.

            P/TM                                            P/TM

              AP                                                 AP

        CM AP CM                              AP  DLP/BWM AP

WBK                     WBK                 WBK                      WBK

         CD LD CD                                     CD BPD CD

                GK                                                 GK

Team Instructions

Attacking - Balanced-Normal-Balanced

Defensive - Balanced-Own Half-Normal/Committed. Offside ON and Time Wasting NO

Final Third - Early Crosses-Work into Box-Run at Defence.

Passing Style - Direct/Short Style

Passing Focus - Centre/Mixed

GK Dis - Mixed

This all really depends on the quality of your players. The wing backs are the key here. Crossing and dribbling is a must with stats above 15 if you can, this really make it tick. Best to try and see what works best for you. 

Hope that helps.

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