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Hey, I'm Vipper


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Hey, I'm Vipper (Not my real name) I'm 19. I am a new member of the Vibe community. I've joined around a month ago. I am a particularly new fan of FM. I've only started playing the game since FMM 17. I've been a fan of football ever since I was little, and I played a lot of football games over the years. I heard of FM all the time but never tried the game out. And since my PC broke, I decided to get the mobile game. I really started enjoying it but was a beginner, and needed help. So then I found FMM Vibe. I never talked, Just looked around different careers, articles, challenges etc. But now I have finally decided to start fully becoming a part of the community. And I am thinking of starting a couple of posts. I can finally start doing so since I have left my parents home and settled in somewhere else and finished school. So I might come off as a beginner in the start 😬. But I think over time I will get better with the help of some people in this community. Hopefully I can start a couple of new posts soon 😀.

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Wait a minute... I posted this on the chat category. How do i delete a topic. I need to put this topic in the Say Hello category. Just goes to show how I'm a beginner.


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