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Chat Leadership stat


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Leadership is one of the attributes that I try to have as high an average number throughout the team as possible. It’s purely observational but I’ve noticed a few times when I’ve had a lot of younger players with a low number there that I seem to be more prone to late comebacks and conceding stupid goals against the run of play. Game management really but as I say I haven’t tested it.

If I had the in game editor I would probably test my theory so I may get the editor for next years game to test such things.

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It’s not that important. Mostly defenders will have a good leadership rating, whereas a lot attacking players and younger players don’t. If you have a few good captain worthy players in your 15-20 leadership range it’s fine about the rest of the team 🙂

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14 hours ago, John Kerr said:

What does the leadership stat actually do?


Does it matter if one of my players has 1 Leadership😂?


Having a player with 1 leadership won't be any problem but you'll also need some leadership on your team as they'll give some motivation to the team

I believe some younger players like Ajer and Goretzka have high leadership though

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