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Career Kanegan's One Man Team - Final Update


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After seeing some cracking attempt at this challenge from @Foxy

I decided that i needed this to get me into the game after completing some long term challenges.

So, here is the player i would use:


JOSHUA KING, the Norwegian from Bournemouth

and the club chosen is:



So, wish me luck guys. Season update coming soon.


Edited by Kanegan
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48 minutes ago, Ian said:

Looks like a nice club and player choice for this. Good luck.


17 minutes ago, Ran7777 said:

Best of luck👍👍

Thanks guys. I have finished the season and update will be up shortly

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So, here is my update for the season:

Firstly, i chose Joshua King and this is how he looks at the end of season:



We finished a respectable 3rd in the league, tied on points with Man Utd and 20 points behind winners Liverpool.



King helped himself to two hattricks in the league:




As per rules, he was the only transfer in:



We were unlucky in the cups, losing out to Liverpool on penalties in Carabao Cup and had our two goals disallowed in FA Cup, both via VAR as we lose to Leicester despite dominating.




So, how did he do??


34 goals from 41 matches and 16 assists. If only we had better cup runs, he could have banged atleast 38-40.


But was that the highest for the team??


Yes, it was. So, 34 + (16x2=32) = 66.

Didn't manage to take the top spot from @Rob but nonetheless enjoyed it. A great little challenge.

@Foxy, if you can add it mate.

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8 hours ago, Rob said:

Great score. I reckon a fair few of us will cluster at the top sixties. It’ll be interesting who, if any, cracks 70 first.

Cheers. Ya, anything north of 65 is a great score. 

3 hours ago, Ian said:

Great end total, well done! 

Thanks mate

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11 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Nice to see Josh King ripping it up, I just wish he was for my FPL team 😕

Really close to the top score and an all round great effort.

Thanks mate. He did very well and this was the first time that i used him.

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