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Career MikeF - Double Trouble, Triple Threat and 100 Club (Done)


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Well after a LONG back-to-back 1k challenge and getting my first 30 year career finished I decided to move onto the Double Trouble challenge on my way to the triple crown.

The Challenge:


Two strikers up top, 1200 goals between them (maybe 600 assists but we'll see about that one...). Simple. Or is it?

Now, I don't play two up front so I'm going to have to start from scratch getting a formation that I like and that gets the goals from my strikers. But before that...


The Team:


I've not played in the Portuguese league before so thought I'd for for Benfica for their history, but mostly for their facilities.


The Portugeezers:

I sent my scouts out far and wide to find a couple of lads for me to work to the bone and they settled on everyones favourite Portuguese teenager:


When in Lisbon eh.

They also found this little chap who I hadn't actually stumbled across before but looked decent (well, he scored 7 goals for a youth team 3 years ago - lethal):



£31.5m later and I had my pair of future legends.

Lets do this.


Season 1:

The boys' attributes came on nicely over the first season and they scored a decent amount (especially Boadu). They're still very young so all good there.



IMG_5863.thumb.PNG.90be9cd9a5b3a01207d01704a67785db.PNGIMG_5904.thumb.PNG.0749d0a69a52e71d4d660208d3b4b21b.PNG IMG_5905.thumb.PNG.ae186587d16c9f80caa1e41930883e2b.PNG


As I said, I don't play two up top to it took me a while to settle on a formation I both liked and felt could deliver goals-a-plenty.

I started with something based around Pochettino's diamond (COYS!). Slightly overcomplicated, at first it looked solid but then Juventus put 7 past me in the CL so I simplified it a bit. I'm midway through Season 2 and it's firing on all cylinders but I'll come to that later. I stuck with my overcomplicated system for the rest of Season 1 and went largely undefeated losing only one game in the league, getting hammered by Juve in the CL group stage 9-2 aggregate and one leg of the Europa Semi knocking me out. It was clear my formation wouldn't hold up against big teams at this stage.



Forgot to take a screengrab of transfers but being a Spurs fan I spent most of my money on Ndombele (haven't had him before - he's a beast) and then the usual batch of youngsters with potential (Marco Paulo, Cuisance, Palacios, Martinez) and sold a load of fringe players. My god do SLB have a lot of players on their books!

Anyway, here's how we ended the first season:



I'll keep updates simpler in the future.

Thanks for watching...


Edited by MikeF
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Season 2

Boadu is a beast - someone should do a 1k with him. He missed a few games due to me overplaying him but still averaged a goal a game. Very happy with his start! Silva did well too but he's younger so a little behind. Portuguese league and cup fixtures are pretty congested at times so had to rotate these but played them as much as possible. That caused a few injuries but they kept banging in the goals regardless.

A solid season.



I tweaked my formation to make it more stable after last season and it's really strong now. I may post it in tactics as am interested to see how others find it when not doing a challenge.

Another great season in the league going undefeated and only lost 2 games all season (Bayern in CL group stage and Chelsea 1st leg 1st round). I was knocked out the CL at semi-final stage but drawing 1-1 at home and 0-0 away so lost on away goals. Very happy with goal difference.  





A few improvements on what I already had and trying to build out a stronger all round squad. Not sure why Jovic is showing 3 times but he went to Monaco anyway.




Alaba my corner machine. Assists coming from all over which is good.

Pavon is my back up striker and does a decent job (I bought him before deciding on my formation with no wingers).


My stats:


In my defence, the Benfica academy has given me nothing so far...

123 games, 95 wins and 7 losses - I'm happy with that.


Which leaves us with...


Edited by MikeF
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Season 3

Great season here. Boadu in particular has excelled himself. Silva scored a few still but hard to get really high numbers when your strike partner scores 70 a season I guess. And he's only 18 still.

Here's where they're at:


No complaints there.



Lost one game all season, just happened to b the CL final. Lost 1-2 after going 1-0 up.

How the rest of the team did:


Alaba's 51 assists from 48 games is outstanding. WB are key in my formation but he's on corners too and loves them. Midfielders chipping in with lots of assists too.




Dias and de Ligt were unsettled so had to sell. Spent a fair amount upgrading the squad and getting a few youngsters in. Hopefully some will turn out decent, I've not had much luck with youngsters so far.



106 goals from the pair this year. Very happy with that at this stage.


Edited by MikeF
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Season 4

And the pair have settled down each chipping in 51 goals. Boadu has peaked according to my coaches but he's looking very sharp so has a healthy career ahead of him. Silva is still progressing so will improve slightly, also looking good now. Hopefully he won't notice that he's being paid £100k p/w less than his buddy! Someone needs a new agent.



Great season, winning the CL (beat Athletico Madrid in ET). The one loss in the league is annoying but I was resting my whole first team and got caught short.IMG_5995.thumb.PNG.854295444d131f17157af83b9cdf4d21.PNGIMG_5996.thumb.PNG.c544948210a42ba0fc65c8cb00affa29.PNG


Team stats:


Alaba the assist maestro but Dalot getting 28 assists from wingback (no corners) is very impressive too. Everyone else chipping in where needed.



No huge signing really, just squad strengthening as I was a little thin at times. Holmes-Dennis is a Rooney regen (green positions all down the middle) so will be back up for my boys. Sold a couple of fringe players that weren't happy



Final count:


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Season 5

Another very even season for the lads.



Good season again winning the lot.



Felix was annoying me so I swapped him (and £100m!) for Dele. He's been great with 16 goals and 19 assists. The usual story elsewhere.


Fernandes damaged his cruciate ligaments so i lost him for 11 months midway through the season which wasn't ideal.



Dele in as i said earlier, the others are just youngsters. Sold a few fringe players that were moaning again.



Final count:


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35 minutes ago, Rob said:

Excellent couple of seasons!

Cheers. Hoping to keep up the 100 goal seasons to wrap this one up in reasonable time. 

Saying that, Silva now wants a new challenge 😂 

Edited by MikeF
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4 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Some fantastic seasons mate. This is looking like a fast march to DT.


3 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Great start to this challenge, should be done in no time.


Thanks guys. These two look remarkably consistent. Although I’ve probably gone and jinxed it now!

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Season 6

The consistency of these guys is incredible. Both a goal a game on average pretty much.



Clean sweep again conceding only 5 goals in the league.



Alaba still incredible but getting old now so stats are diminishing. I have good cover but he's not a corner expert. I'll find someone who is...



Picked up Rashford on a free so he was going to be my cover striker and then Bayern offered me £105m in the Jan window so it was goodbye to him. They then offered me £100m for Lucas P too who wasn't first team so i'm now sitting on a pile of cash i don't need. Hope my board lets me keep it!

Kane was available for cheap so i had to buy him as back up for my boys. I bought Bentancur too as Fernandes was still out for several months.IMG_6040.thumb.PNG.49f517afa113fa0d5647194dc2f18f6d.PNGIMG_6041.thumb.PNG.0a9f014879b1986bc8060de8f34053a4.PNG


Scores on the doors:


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Season 7

Best season so far from the boys. Boadu hogging the goals again but Silva still getting a good haul.IMG_6053.thumb.PNG.e8d05d456f316e3c8ccb9f2c4f2b4172.PNGIMG_6054.thumb.PNG.e9616d7569a164b6bbfe331254179779.PNGIMG_6055.thumb.PNG.d504e7debfd6c42cc4f28c3f99af4f14.PNGIMG_6056.thumb.PNG.a799e8a5065b644a9ccf0f2a75a7a7c7.PNG


Huge goal difference, undefeated again, won the lot.



Team solid as usual, Ndombele getting 20 assists, his best yet. Alli class in the AM role too. Good to have Fernandes back, took him about 6 months to get back to where he was before his injury but he's awesome now.




The usual merry-go-round of signing a few players, them getting fed up that they don't play every week and wanting to leave. I've finally got a couple of good youngsters coming through.



This happened too. Brand new 125,000 seater stadium. Thanks board!



Final scores:

120 goals from the pair, brings me over the half way point. It would be nice if I can wrap this up in 5 seasons...


Edited by MikeF
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32 minutes ago, Rob said:

Blimey mate. This tactic certainly works! Well done so far.

Reckon I can adapt it to three up top for the upcoming triple threat after this is done! Get the triple crown before fmm20. 

25 minutes ago, Ian said:

You’re certainly smashing this!

Cheers mate. 

In November of the next season and with 20 played they’re at 54 goals already. 

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7 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Brilliant stuff from the two. I have never used Boadu but seems he is great. 

Yeah he’s class. I’ve never come across him before (maybe need the Dutch league running) but he’d be great for a 1k challenge I reckon. Scoring 75 with a partner I’m sure he could get 100 on his own. 

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Season 8

Back to both chipping in an even amount this season. Frustratingly they both got injured in the same match towards the end of the season and missed 10 games each, still got over 120 goals between them!



How we did:


Nice to hit that 100 point mark. Tough with just 34 matches a season. Massive goal difference too. Also nice to keep the CL streak going.


Player stats:


Alaba is now 33/34 and starting to deteriorate rapidly so Healey, my young LB, will be moving up the ranks. Hope he's good at corners too. Dalot with 29 assists is huge considering he doesn't take corners. Ndombele, consistent as ever.




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Season 9

Great in the league, disappointing elsewhere. Lost to Barca on away goals in the CL first round and was knocked out one of the cups by an average team when my boys just didn't show up.

That said, the lads up top worked their usual magic, each playing 10-15 games less due to fewer fixtures and injuries but still get 116 goals between them. These are probably the most consistent players I've ever owned.


Won 34/34 in the league which was nice, but as I said, not much luck in the cups.



Team stats:


Marcos Paulo isn't getting enough assists for my liking but he's world-class so will give him another season to prove he fits in my system.

Bit of a transition season this year, a lot of the old guard are too old to be consistent and aren't playing as they used to. Alaba still performed well but a big injury hit him hard. Healey my new, young LB seems to love that role so he'll be taking over this year fully.

Ndombele is still solid but 30/31, Dele is 31/32 so i need to buy a couple of younger midfielders to fill the gaps.

New RB I picked up in Jan, Bellanova, settled in really well (I think i had him in my Dulwich Hamlet save).


I updated this table as i'm not going to get the 600 assists so I've tracking Goals per Game. Pretty much both players averaging a goal a game which is nice! 


Edited by MikeF
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Season 10

Another solid season from the lads. 


Gone are the days of getting 60 games a season out of them, fitness seems to suffer due to overplaying but they're still very consistent.



Won everything we were involved with again.



Assists coming from all over the park as I rotate the squad more, phasing out the older players and introducing some new younger players to take over. Holmes-Dennis, my back-up striker, is scoring too many goals when I have to play him but useful to have another prolific striker I guess even if he takes a few goals from my lads.



A few ins and outs but getting to the point where names don't mean much due to new players and regens so won't post transfers any more.


Final scores:


195 to go. 2 more seasons and this should be nicely wrapped up.


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Season 11

Double update as was doing the Great North Run over the weekend.

Best season yet!


For some reason everyone dislikes Boadu but i'll be ok for one more season before anyone wants to leave hopefully!

Back to winning ways...



New guys have settled in now so everyone chipping in with assists for my lads up front.



A few high profile deals here, Foden in as i needed someone in that position who will get more assists and had a big bid for Marcos Paulo. Also got a big bid for my back up striker, who is world class but not needed so he went. 



Not long to go now...

130 goals between them averaging 2.6 goals per game. Amazing stuff.


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