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Career MikeF - Double Trouble, Triple Threat and 100 Club (Done)

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Season 12

Well the boys have done it and this challenge now grows...



By the start of the January transfer window the boys had done it. They scored over 1200 goals between them and were on track for more.


The plan was to see out the rest of the season and wait for a big job to come up to then have a crack at the Triple Threat challenge (all part of getting the Triple Crown before FMM20).

Immediately, this happened:


I was hoping for an easier league like PSG if i'm honest, but City have the money and infrastructure to be a good choice.

I accepted.

In hindsight I should have checked how they were doing:


Their squad is awful. But that's fine. I just need to get me 3 young strikers to start this chapter of my career. I knew this would be the last season at Benfica so I had been looking out for good youngsters for a couple of months and settled upon these three to lead the front line:


Ferreira I had a Benfica for a little bit but had no use for him so had to sell him cheap. He wasn't cheap coming back to me! Good movement, dribbling and technique so i'm hoping he'll be solid. Slightly older than the other 2 so hopefully he can start banging the goals in right away.

Naylor looks to be a fast poacher for me. I wanted a young English lad in the middle and he fits the bill. Not sure who he was in a previous life.

El Egazey looks suspiciously like a Salah regen so i'm hoping that's right!

These three should mature nicely.

I'm trying to tweak by previous formation to work with 3 up top but haven't settled on whether I want FL/FC/FR or FC/FC/FC. FL/FC/FR looks like it'll suit players more but let's see.


All the board want me to do currently is build a better squad and that is definitely needed. Lots of old, highly paid players so a big overhaul is needed.

Let's see how this goes...


My manager stats at the change of club. 



Edited by MikeF

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Well done on the DT and best of luck for the TT. I am also chasing the Triple Crown and having completed the 1KC and DT, i am now doing the TT

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2 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Well done on the DT and best of luck for the TT. I am also chasing the Triple Crown and having completed the 1KC and DT, i am now doing the TT

Thanks mate. The boys smashed it. Boadu was class. Almost tempted for a 1k with him if I have time. 

Good luck with the TT!

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Season 12

Only a half season here as I moved to City in January.

Here's how the new boys got on...
















Some good growth there but they're still young.

Naylor scored a lot of goals. Ferreria is on pens and free kicks so picked up a few. El Egazey didn't do a whole lot to be honest! But he's young and growing still. I'm hoping he'll settle into his role up front, I think he's more of a winger/inside forward and playing at FR will take some time to settle.



I managed to get into a Europa spot. When i took over they had 30 points from 21 games. (9w, 3d, 9l). I got 39 points from the next 17 games dropping only 12 points (12w, 3d, 2l) which i'm happy with. Especially considering the state of the squad.

Also won the FA Cup.

Some rebuilding is needed to get the team fit for my tactic so lets see what the board give me to play with this summer.


A slow start but I've only just kicked off:


Edited by MikeF

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Season 13

A solid start for the boys in our first full season at City with just under 100 goals scored, averaging a combined 2.0 goals per game.

I need more depth in the squad as they were being over played massively (and a few results suffered because of it) but all in all i'm happy with this to kick things off.

Sounds like Ferreira might have peaked listening to my coaches but he looks good enough. I'm currently training him and 'Slim' Shadi as IF as I want to play them FL and FR but currently have three in the middle so maybe i'll rethink that as they're doing well.

The holy trio:





Won the league, FA Cup and Europa so brought some decent silverware in. Also smashed Liverpool 10-1 along the way.



Team performed well, i'm still tweaking my formation but think i'm almost there:



Latest scores:


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Season 14

Pretty damn good season here. Only lost 1 game in the league (right at the end of the season - typical) and unfortunately lost out in the CL final but scored lots and have settled on final formation now.

Players progressing well:









Team stats:



Broke 100 goals which is nice, need to up this to 120+ but this should be doable once they can get a few more games under their belts each season. They were tired a lot as i was overplaying them.


Edited by MikeF

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Season 15

Now that's more like it. The boys smashed it this season. Ferreira is looking immense and continuing to improve. The other two look decent. I've gone for a FL/FC/FR set up this season as opposed to FC/FC/FC and they settled in well.

142 goals.





Undefeated all season (apart from one CL group game losing 2-0 to Real but thumped them in the final as revenge).



Team stats:





That was nice to get 140+ and took a big chunk off the remaining goals tally. Let's hope we can do it again.

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Season 16

Good season but not quite as good as last year. I fiddled around with my team too much trying to bring some new players in when they weren't needed. Still a solid season.





Lost a couple of games in the league and lost the league final on pens to those pesky gooners but still a good trophy haul.



Team chipping in with assists nicely


Lads are looking good. I think they've peaked now but I said that last year and Ferreira is just amazing now. Wasted at FL maybe.


Anyway, nice to break the 500 goal mark. Under 1000 to go...


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19 minutes ago, Rob said:

Hitting some lovely numbers now.


15 minutes ago, shosky said:

Amazing season still. Ferreira all green and I believe he's turning into a beast

Thanks chaps. 

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Season 17

Another solid season from the boys. 






lost on the CL final. Took the rest. 

Team stats:


Quite a few injuries to the boys this season meant they missed a lot of games (Naylor in particular) but a good haul nonetheless.



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Season 18

Quick update as was away. 

Another good season:










Team Stats:


Robert my midfielder has really come into his own. Scores a few too many goals but sets up a lot as well. Holmes-Dennis and Torres are getting on now so need to look for another CM. 



Just over the half way point so looking to get this wrapped up in the next 6 seasons. 

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Season 19

Slow season this one. Got to January and quite frankly it was a poor season. Ferreira is my best player but I was playing his out in FR position and he had only scored 8 from 31. Plus the team wasn't performing.

Had a big rejig and settled on a formation tweak which seemed to work well. Ferreira scored 24 from his next 20 matches and my midfield was working better. I've stopped playing FL and FR as moved to FC/FC/FC but different roles so let's see how the next season pans out.





Got knocked out the Carabao Cup early by Fulham but took the rest.



Player stats:

Too many goals coming from my midfielders so tweaked roles in the second half of the season and it changed nicely. Hoping it'll keep up.



Still over 100 goals so happy but need to get this back up to the 120+ mark to finish in 5/6 seasons.


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Season 20

That's more like it. Back to the big numbers.

Ferreira likes to be centre of attention and I took him off early if he scored a few goals so managed to squeeze 60 games out of him. Shadi had a series of injuries at the start of the season (out for a month, back for a game, out for a month, back for a game, out for a month etc) and missed nearly 20 games but still turned in a decent tally. Fewer goals from Naylor but with Ferreira hogging the limelight he didn't stand a chance.





Undefeated all season.



New players chipping in with assists nicely in Saracchi, Simm and Jokanovic (who i previously sold and then bought back for twice as much - oops).



The latest numbers:



4 seasons to go I'm hoping.

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Season 23

Nice way to almost see out the challenge. Most goals scored with 143. Not long to go now...













The end is firmly in sight...


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Interesting career as well as numbers you're hitting with those lads. Congrats on the DT and TT. 👍 (hope I haven't jinxed things) 

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7 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Interesting career as well as numbers you're hitting with those lads. Congrats on the DT and TT. 👍 (hope I haven't jinxed things) 

They’ve been pretty consistent for the most part. I played around with roles and formation a little and definitely could have finished a season earlier with my current formation but all good. 

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Season 24 - finished!

Finally finished this challenge. Bit of a rushed final season as just wanted it over if I’m honest. The tedium really hit in doing this DT and TT after a back to back 1k challenge bit it’s done and I have the triple crown. Phew. 

Final grabs:








I could have got more goals out of them this last season but only went for what was needed. 

challenge done. 

Edited by MikeF

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4 minutes ago, MikeF said:

Thanks bud. In hindsight I shouldn’t have rushed it and settled for less but just had to get this one done! 

I have to ask my standard question: how knackered do you now feel?!?

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8 minutes ago, Rob said:

I have to ask my standard question: how knackered do you now feel?!?

I have FM blindness for sure. Had a couple of busy weekends so it took a little longer than I hoped but glad it’s done. 

I know have that strange feeling where I find myself looking for my next fix (challenge) haha. 

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