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Career 1000 goals challenge with ajax (season 2)


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Season 1





bought mainly young players, because this will be a long challenge. Biggest sale was dolberg.

Morgan Rogers


He didn’t develop as much as I thought. But he is very young so he will hope keep improving.


Our main man managed to score 28 goals in 39 games. Not ideal but considering he started at 15 years old, I think it is not that bad. 


We have a long way to go

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Season 2


I’ve loaned out a lot of young players so that they developed. I’ve also signed some young prospects. Our biggest departure was Frenkie De Jong to PSG for 80m. 

Morgan Rogers

I am very disappointed with his sessson overall, as he had a terrible goal tally and he has not developed as much as I would want to.


He only scored 24 goals which is even less than previous season. I am really worried, and I need him to improve a lot next season.


He has developed in some stats, but he is far off ideal. Although he is still young I am getting worried, any advice would help a lot

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Yes I agree with @MikeF above. You could call the aerial thing a bug/glitch but it hasn’t been fixed so you may as well use it as I and many others have done plenty of times this year.

He’s still young so plenty of time.

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1 hour ago, MikeF said:

Get him in training as target man and specialism in aerial and he’ll be a beast in the air within a year. 


How come De Jong didn’t move to Barca?

Thank you m8 I will try that. I canceled the De Jong move but then he was asking to leave so I sold him. 

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