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Career My attempt at the 'Newcastle United: The Entertainer"


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Scrolling through challenges to find one I could attempt so that I was satisfied till fmm20 come out, I was rather chaffed to find this quality challenge. Im hoping more people attempt this soon ( to give me a challenge😉).

Now my first thought was that since this challenge is a 6 season challenge, I should go for youth rather than quality.

Not that I could buy quality with their budget but making do with the $138m, I first went and bought A French Attacking midfielder, as he would be vital to the formation I wanted to play. However when looking at the Belgian centrebacks, I couldn't find many that Ould come to tyneside, so I unfortunately ended up with a rather decent young player( although he has horrendous tackling stats😂).

With whatever money I had left all I could do was buy myself target man, with one player in mind looking increasingly appealing. 

The first season should be up in the next couple days, hopefully with Newcastle first!




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34 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Good luck. Morelos is a great striker to have. He has always been good for me in my Scottish league test games. 

Thanks man! I gotta agree with that too, he's tearing up atm

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Season 1 update

So after an absolutely torrid start to the season, I had to change things up quickly. Stuck in 13th place 18 games I had to change things up. A change in formation saw us pick up some crucial wins.3B1BB36A-8534-4CF6-9CF4-CDC64B6D229B.png2CDB90E7-FA7D-427E-9DF6-01E55940FEAB.png

With our Colombian striker and our Japanese god keeping us afloat, we needed reinforcements, and quick. So bringing in 2 wing backs to strengthen the squad, we started to flow much better.


Somehow even managing to win the cup!!


However we only finished ninth😞😞😞

Points update

-15 for our league position 

+25 for winning the FA cup 

0 points for league cup

= 10 points so far

And that’s currently all. hoping to have a better year next year, as some key positions will be strengthened.

Until season 2👋

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Season 2 Update

After a struggling season 1, the squad needed serious revamping.

Selling quite a few players that were surplus to requirements, I managed to create a pretty healthy transfer budget. Bringing in much needed depth, I primarily focused on the spine as I looked to increase on a 9th place finish. 44EA9342-46BA-4747-AB8C-7F16A7117345.png6560A8E8-199E-4BBD-A41F-480DB296C37E.png

The season started of much better than last year, however we were still stuck in 8th by the December mark. Another change of formation to the 4-2-2-2 saw us pick up crucial wins. Finishing the season in 5th I was rather happy. D5181383-617F-45BF-9189-E65C69CF6366.png

We made it to the Euro cup semi-final but come up against Barcelona.... Freaking Barcelona! Needless to say we lost. We put up a good fight but unfortunately we couldn’t make a dent in the opposing net😞


However it was a much better second season with many players getting better and better. Arsenal also offered me a job as the came 8th😂

Oh and we also won the community shield!!



Points Update

10 points already

Community Shield- 25 points

Euro Cup- 20 points

League Position- 10 points

Cup exits- -20 points

Total Points: 45 points

Thanks for watching

Until Season 3👋

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Season 3

After a much more solid second season, we looked to win the title this time around. Bringing in more quality yet again, we started off the season brightly, 1st after 12 games I thought we may actually do it this season. However with the euro cup games cane fatigue. Once again making it to the semi finals of the cup, we met Barcelona... and while we put up a much better fight, we still went down by 1 in aggregate. Finishing third in the league was much improved but we only want #1 next year



Point Update

45 points currently

League Position - 15 points

Euro cup - 20 points

Carabao Cup - 15 points

FA Cup - 15 points 

Total points: 110

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Season 4

Although we struggled initially due to a few injuries, season 4 was by far the best yet in terms of league positioning. Thats right, we finished 1st!!! I am absolutely over the moon, and while we struggled in Europe due to being in the group of death in the champions league, Our squad continues to only get better and better. Hopefully upwards and onwards to a much better season 5.EDFADAF4-B88C-4CE3-9581-8F5E768E165A.pngF7866762-AA63-4F76-B647-A07B7364B299.png5AACDA4F-241F-46C9-9FA5-A8696DEE9168.png

On the last game day, we sat 3rd, 1 point behind the leaders, as you can see below things went our way and I was stressing so hard😂


Points update

110 points currently

League Position - 25 points

Champions League - 0 points

Carabao Cup - 10 points

FA cup - 0 points

Euro League - 10 points

Also a quick look at our three players that we initially brought in 😁

Until season 5👋







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Season 5

After an amazing season 4, we looked to build on even further in season 5 and win the league again as well as the champions league. After making an amazing start to the season we ran away with the title, winning it comfortably. Making the champions league final, ALL OF MY PLAYERS WERE UNAVAILABLE DUE TO INTERNATIONAL DUTY. LIKE WTF IS THAT!!! However I was pleased(half pleased) to see we still put up a fight






Points Update

155 points currently

League Position - 25 points

Champions League - 25 points

Carabao Cup - 10 points

Fa Cup - 15 points

Community Shield - 25 points 

Manager of the year -  5 points

Player of the year - 5 points

Total Points: 265 points

1 more season to go

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good luck with the final season. sorry you had that UCL final ball-ache - it's caused by the winter world cup (and SI not taking it into account)

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16 minutes ago, Mr Tree said:

good luck with the final season. sorry you had that UCL final ball-ache - it's caused by the winter world cup (and SI not taking it into account)

Thanks man!! I was so angry at the time😂😂 did my head in 

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Season 6!!!

The last season was very disappointing. While we won the league for a successive 3rd year in a row, we lost very early on to A. Madrid. However overall my squad was much stronger than it had ever been and this was an extremely fun challenge. More people should attempt this relatively short challenge before fmm20 comes out. Thanks to those that followed 😁








Points update

265 points currently

League Position - 25 points

Community shield - 25 points

Champions League - 5 points

FA Cup - 0 points

Carabao Cup - -10 points

Vanheusden only had 1 appearance before coming to Newcastle which means that 267 points get added to my tally

Terrier had no registered assists before coming to Newcastle which means 103 points gets added

And Morelos scored 131 goals for us in his six years which means that 131 points will be added

Total points!! 811

Now I have nothing to compare this to so it might be good or it might be atrocious. But I am fairly happy with this overall. 

@Nucleus if you could add me to the leaderboard please that would be awesome


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1 minute ago, Kanegan said:

Great score mate. Morelos was pretty good for you throughout.

Thanks man! It was honestly really enjoyable and surprisingly difficult

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