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Career Rob tries the One Season Strikerless Challenge


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So I woke up the day and felt a bit weird.. then it dawned on me: I HADN’T TRIED THE ONE SEASON STRIKERLESS CHALLENGE IN AGES! I decided to scratch that itch and try it again.

In a nutshell, you:

    ⁃    Pick three attacking midfielders;
    ⁃    Sell all strikers;
    ⁃    Player one season

Your total score is the goals and assists of each of your three attacking midfielders + league points + league goal difference.

I hadn’t used a Spanish team before, so went for Barcelona:


As for the players, I used two already there:


Dembele and Coutinho fitted the bill. Then I signed this fella:


KDB joined us! Best midfielder in the world, obviously. 

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!

Edited by Rob
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Luck! Where Robs going he dont need no luck.

Im expecting a massive score cus your ace. No no no awesome!

Nope thats not even good enough...

Splendiferous. 😉

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13 minutes ago, Woody said:

Luck! Where Robs going he dont need no luck.

Im expecting a massive score cus your ace. No no no awesome!

Nope thats not even good enough...

Splendiferous. 😉

Thanks Woodster. And nice random Woody word too!

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11 hours ago, Foxy said:

Three world class players so I’m sure this will end up an awesome score.

Thanks Mr Fox. 

9 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Good luck!

Thanks Smog.

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13 hours ago, SophiaFM said:

Good luck. What formation do you use for this? Do you put wide players on inside forward to compensate for no striker?

Mostly I would prefer 2 IF and a SS/T

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Half-way Update

I won’t be giving away any league position or player stats, but here are a few screenshots of games.  It’s going fairly well so far. I’m never too sure how to do these updates during one season challenges.


Thanks for reading! 

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I just cant see anyone touching you on strikerless challenges mate. Not to blow smoke up your arse but you are  awesome at this. 

This will be a huge score from the looks of it.


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4 hours ago, AnonymousLietchensteiner said:

There are many tactics listed in this forum with equal success to this, check them out

Are there? 

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On 31/08/2019 at 22:47, Rob said:

Are there? 

Big NO😧☹️☹️

The result you have got is really amazing. The tactics listed on the index are no match to yours i have tried almost all of them. Some tactics are impresive but a lot of tactics are just normal.

And there are abundance of challenges related tactics. 

There are 0 tactics for challenges like 1k ,DT, TT. 

I know we have to make our own tactics for these challenges but still noone shares their successful "challenges" only tactics.

Edited by Gandalf
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The Results

I’d actually forgotten about this, and overwritten the save, but thankfully had the photos taken beforehand.

Here are a few more games:


And he is the final manager history:


Out of the first knockout round of the Champs League! Nightmare. In a way it’s not too bad as the league games are where you get most of your points, but those extra five Champs League games could really have helped with goals and assists.


We grabbed a goal difference of 79, which is decent, but I definitely won’t be writing home about our defensive record. 99 league points was ok, but I could have done with turning a couple of those drawers and defeats to wins.

This gives us a league contribution of 79 + 99 = 178.

The boys looked all wonderful at the end.


How they do?

Coutinho was the worst performing.


25 + 26 = 51 for our Brazilian.

Dembele grabbed 32 goals and 24 assists.


This gives him 56.

As for KDB, he did this:


63 + 27 = 90 points.

178 + 51 + 56 + 90 = 375 as a total. I’m a little disappointed with that as we started with a flier and I was hoping to finally smash 400. Oh well, 375 ain’t too bad.

@Foxy please can you add this attempt to the leaderboard?

Thanks to all who read and commented!

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10 minutes ago, Woody said:

Thata bloody great score mate. 


6 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Only you could be disappointed with that score 😂 great effort and maybe FMM20 will be the game you break 400.

Thanks lads 

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