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Career WillKyl Take Over Madrid(DT)-Season 7


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I'll be attempting to score 1200 goals with two players who are very good on this year's game. I'm heading to Madrid to try and achieve that as I also take them back to their former glory after CR7 left them


The Players:



He's so popular this year as he's a proven goal machine, I used him as a back up striker for a while on my 1Kc with Fabio Silva and he did very well. He's young and if everything goes well I will try to get 1000 goals with him. 



Arguably the best striker on the game, he's a cheat code. I have used him in a save with Real Madrid and he was lethal in front of goal that's why I picked him fir the challenge. His favorite club is also Real Madrid so I'm letting him live his dream. 

I decided to use French players because their national team is also really strong and national goals will be very crucial for the challenge. 

Stay tuned for updates. 



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Season 1




I brought in mostly French players as it would be beneficial if I get the National job. I went for Trent as he was an assist machine in my previous save. I sold some of the star players already at the club for really high prices which helped fund our budget which was crucial bringing in Mbappe. 

Player Performance 

Kylian Mbappe 


This is how he looks at the end of the first season, his attributes are very awesome. I have tried training his aerial attribute but it hasn't improved at all, everything else is just fine. 


He managed 31 goals in 44 games which is just okay for the first season. 0.70 GpG for the season. 

Willem Geubbels 


His aerial has maxed out unlike his patner Mbappe and his general development is going on just fine. He'll develop into a beast soon. 


He managed 27 goals in 41 games which is impressive for a 17 year old. 0.66 GpG for the season. 

27+31= 58 Goals. 

58/1200. 1142 Goals to go. 


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2 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Good start and with two very good players at the helm, it's going to be a breeze I hope

I hope so too.

On 30/08/2019 at 16:14, Lord Danish said:

I believe you can do this considering your previous success 


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Season 2




Minimal transfer activity this window as the team I have is good enough at I have good depth. Donnarumma comes in to be our new number one as he's young and has great potential, Laporte comes in to replace Ramos and Man City were willing to accept a lower offer, Cuisance has lots of potential and adds depth in midfield. Rodrygo was signed before I even took over and he's a very good back up option for attack. 



A lot of players left as they had no future here and it's better for them to get playing time elsewhere. Ramos is the notable transfer out as he headed to Milan who are under Pep currently. 



We won La Liga on the final day against Barcelona after an entertaining title race which saw us exchange positions at the top every once in a while but we got the last laugh. Winning the title on goal difference is something I has never done before. 

We won the Copa Del Rey against Betis, something which is not so unexpected. In the Champions League after losing the first leg of the Semifinal at Stamford Bridge we scored twice at the Bernabeu to get close to the final only to concede a last minute penalty which Chelsea scored to win on away goals. (Forgot about the screenshots but you can tell it was quite dramatic) 

Player Performance 

Kylian Mbappe 


His aerial attribute just won't go up and his physical attributes are stagnant too. He's still only 21 and I really do hope this is not the end of his development even though he's a beast already. 


38 goals in 47 games is good considering he has a strike patner and he had dips in form at times. 0.81 GpG for the season which is an improvement of 0.11 from last sease. 

Willem Geubbels 


He's developing nicely and has greens in the key areas. His physical attributes should only get better which will allow him more game time. 


33 Goals in 41 games is impressive for an 18 year old. 0.80 GpG for the season which is an improvement 0.14 from last season. 

58+33+38=129 Goals. 

129/1200. 1071 Goals to go. 



France had a disappointing Euro 2020 exiting in the group stages which led to the sacking of Deschamps. I applied and now the job is mine, my aim is to get a lot of goals as possible with my two players. 

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29 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Congrats on getting the France job. Hopefully that will rack up goals for your duo.

yeah it will really help. 

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Good start. That France job is a massive bonus so early, with two quality players like this they should rack up a serious amount of goals.

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2 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Good start. That France job is a massive bonus so early, with two quality players like this they should rack up a serious amount of goals.


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37 minutes ago, Lord Danish said:

Seriously France job already?!

What a god

I didn't expect it to come this early too but they had a really bad run in the Euros leading to the dismissal of Deschamps. 

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Season 3




This season saw us spend nothing on transfers as the squad was good enough to compete on all fronts. Only five players graduated to the Castilla to keep it running. 



64 million was earned through the sale of players who were not part of my plans for the season. I have buy back clauses for Hakimi and Llorente to buy them cheaply if they do well while away. 


Supercopa de España


We had a nice beginning to the season winning comfortably against Betis in the season curtain raiser. 

La Liga


We won the league easily this time to make it two in two seasons. A lot of goals were scored along the way and our defence was very mean. 

Champions League 

The competition is made for Real Madrid and expectations were high after a cruel exit last season at the Bernabeau. 


We managed 6/6 wins in the group stage to advance to the next round. 



On a cold drizzling night in Munich , Real Madrid emerged victorious after Serge Gnabry was sent off towards the end of the first half to win the first leg. 


On a cold wet night in Madrid, Varane scored two beautiful headers and Kylian Mbappe was also on the score sheet as Real Madrid defeated Bayern to win 5-0 on aggregate to seal a Quarter final spot. 


At the Emirates the scoreline was 0-0 at full time after a 63rd minute strike from Kylian Mbappe was ruled out as he was in an offside position. 


Drama at the Bernabeau as Real Madrid get two red cards and lose out on penalties against Arsenal who didn't even manage a single shot on goal throughout the 90 minutes. The curse of the Bernabeau continues. 


 Copa Del Rey


Two Willem Geubbels goals were enough to ensure Real Madrid clinched their third Copa in three seasons to mark a successful end to Real Madrid's season. 

Player Performance 

Kylian Mbappe 


His development is went on well this season and he had a boost to his aerial attributes. His stamina also went up which is really impressive as he can now get more minutes without issue. 


40 Goals in 49 games is a nice return even though I was targeting to hit 50 for the season. 0.82 GpG for the season which is an improvement of 0.01 from last season. 

I took over France when he had 12 International goals but now he has 20, 8 international goals this season. 

48 Goals in total this season which is a good return. 

Willem Geubbels 


His development is going on well and he has very good attributes for a 19 year old. In a few seasons he's going to be a menace for defences in Europe. 


39 Goals in 47 games for this season which is good for a 19 year old. 0.83 GpG for the season which is an improvement of 0.03 from last season. 

When I took over France he had no international goals but now he has 5. 

44 Goals in total for the season. 

44+48=92 Goals 

92+129=221 Goals. 

221/1200. 979 Goals to go. 

Thanks for reading. 

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54 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

KIU. Geubbels will be a beast once he crosses 20.

Yeah it's only a matter of time before he becomes a beast, he has shown signs. 

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Season 4




Jean-Kevin Augustin was the only transfer in as he came to replace the departing Gareth Bale as a back up striker. 




Started the season with a win against Barcelona in the Supercopa de España. 


We easily won the league again even though our goal numbers dipped this season. 


We won the Copa Del Rey again to complete the domestic double in a match where Geubbels was clearly on fire. 


We are European Champions once again after two seasons of misfortune, our main players performed well in the final. 

FIFA Confederations Cup

We started well with a big win against Argentina, got a hard fought win against Japan and then got another big win against Fiji. We met Japan once again in the final and we easily beat them. 



Willem was the top scorer in the tournament with seven goals and Mbappe was not far behind managing 4.


France managed to take the top three positions in the Best Player award with Willem emerging top. 


Player Performance 

Kylian Mbappe 


His development is complete and he's very good with great attributes in the important areas. 


He didn't perform that well this season only managing 40 goals in 51 games which results in a drop in his goal rate which is now at 0.78.

He scored 12 International goals this season taking his season tally to 52.

Willem Geubbels 


He's now out of his teens and his development us very positive and he has greens in the key areas which is impressive.


43 Goals in 48 for the season which is an improvement from last season and his goal rate is now at 0.90. He has outscored Mbappe for the first time and I expect him to get even better in coming season. 

He scored 20 International goals this season taking his tally to 63.


63+52= 115 Goals for the duo this season. 

115+221= 336 Goals. 

336/1200. 864 Goals to go. 



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55 minutes ago, Rob said:

Well done 


44 minutes ago, Ian said:

Going really well, keep it up!


37 minutes ago, smoggy90 said:

Going along nicely, good work 

Thanks guys. 

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Season 5


Started the season with a win against Atletico in the Supercopa de España. Geubbels was the MotM bagging a brace. 


We had a very good league campaign scoring goals for fun and establishing a huge 20 point gap over Barcelona. 


We completed the domestic double with a huge win over Sevilla in the Copa Del Rey final. 


We lost the Champions League final to City due to me using grey players as the final happen when players had already been called up for international duty. 


FIFA World Cup



We won all our group games with Mbappe scoring at least a brace in every game. Our first game was against runners up Croatia and we beat them 4-1 just like 4 years ago. 



We overcame England, Italy and Portugal in the knock out games to get into the final and Mbappe was also key in all the games, the guy is built for this tournament. 


We beat Spain in the final with Mbappe netting a brace to end the tournament in style. France are World Champions again. 



Mbappe won the golden boot having scored 12 goals in the tournament. Geubbels had 3 goals in the tournament and won best young player of the tournament. 

Player Performances

Kylian Mbappe 


He's at his peak and there's no significant change to his attributes and we should get a lot of goals from him in seasons to come. 


He scored 49 in 47 this season to get his goal rate up to 1.04 GpG which is an improvement from last season. He also got 21 goals in international games to take his season tally to 70 goals. 

Willem Geubbels 


He's still improving but not that much and the only notable change is his stamina going up to 18 from 16. He looks good and he's going to be around for some time. 


He scored fewer goals compared to last season but that's probably due to his high assist numbers and playing fewer games than last season. He scored 39 in 44 games and his goal rate slightly dropped to 0.89. He also scored 12 international goals taking his goal tally to 51 this season. 

51+70= 121

121+336= 457 Goals. 

457/1200. 743 Goals to go. 

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Really going well. Good job here. Geubbels is on another level with his attributes. I hope the guy will eventually be this good in real life.

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53 minutes ago, shosky said:

Really going well. Good job here. Geubbels is on another level with his attributes. I hope the guy will eventually be this good in real life.

Yeah he's really good in the game and I hope that happens in real life too. 

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