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Career Sophia Parks the Bus


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This is the Jose park the bus challenge


I won the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, the league however was a bit of a disaster lol, scoring wise it was difficult as I was focused on defending, there was a lot of 1-0’s and 0-0’s, also I didn’t win it which was a shame, but happy with the trophies 🙂


Manager profile, only 21 goals conceded in 60 games which I think was a great effort, especially when United don’t have world class centre backs. I’m aware of the lack of goals though 😆


Of course no transfers apart from loaning a few kids out 




44 clean sheets X 3 = 132

21 goals conceded 132-21 = 111

2 cup wins 111+10 = 121

Total = 121. 

Happy with that score, was a fun and difficult challenge. I liked the challenge aspect of it, especially scoring and winning games wise since defending was more important, you had to find more solutions to win a game while also making sure you kept a clean sheet. I think with 44 clean sheets it was a great job but I do wish I scored more goals, which could’ve won us the league and maybe CL aswell. Great challenge though 🙂

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You’ve certainly parked that bus in a very efficient manner. 

Fantastic score but I’m not sure if the league cup counts as five bonus points but regardless it’s a a great score!

Very well done!

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As @Ian said the league cup doesn’t count I’m afraid so you only get the 5 bonus points for the FA Cup win. I added this rule as Italy and Spain only has one cup so it evens up the bonus points available to all the teams.

Really good score though 👏🏻


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Thanks 🙂 And yeah fair enough with the League Cup haha, I thought the domestic cups were equal for points. How many points would winning the CL get you out of interest? 10-15?

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