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Challenges When The Pope Is In Rome.


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.When the Pope is in Rome.


Welcome to a little one season challenge for you all to get you're teeth into before this seasons game comes to an end.


The Premise.

The Pope is in Rome. He has been on his travels spreading the word of love and forgiveness in the Catholic name.

Pope Francis is the top guy in Rome and runs the whole of the Catholic church.

Its your job to make sure the Pope is doing his job.

You will be accompanied by 3 of the Pope's deciples during your 1 season tenure.


The Pope.

During the season your main striker will be the Pope. 

He is an old man and needs the support and the protection you can provide throughout the season.

Your Pope will be...



Tom Pope.






There are 2 clubs based in Rome and they both play in the same stadium, they are...

Roma 1062151168_download(2).png.2d8365b0c15451c78be05e36a7407bd6.png

Lazio 1698449302_download(3).png.ece86bcd6aa0b10c469f83bd75f4885b.png

It is up to you which club you choose.

The Disciples.

Your 3 disciples will be chosen from the 3 countries with the highest percentage of Catholic followers.

They are...

Brazil download.png.3f21d0f8ab1f3e43325a4d5f2e2aaba6.png

Mexico 1551420857_download(1).png.0880c5210142e0bcb4c48fe896d3847d.png


You must choose one player from each nation and must consist of a protector(goalkeeper) and two helpers(assisters).



Points will be awarded for clean sheets but only games your chosen goalkeeper plays in. Assists from your two helpers and goals from your 'Pope'.

Domestic competitions only will count towards your tally.

If by some Catholic miracle the Pope scores a hat-trick there is a bonus 10 points on offer.



Own tactics only.

No cheating as in no reloading and no use of any editor.

You must choose one of the 2 clubs on offer

You must choose one player from each of the nations offered.(1 Gk, 2 Assisters)

No other signings allowed.

2nd nationalities not allowed either.

And above all enjoy yourself.



Edited by Woody
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28 minutes ago, Ian said:

Nice little challenge.

I’ve got my last long save on fmm19 underway but I’m hoping to do four of five one season ones also and this will most likely be one of them.

That would be cool if it was mate

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2 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Great challenge. Any pointers on which leagues to load for getting Filipino guys

Neil Etheridge of Cardiff is a great GK. England is a must for this challenge anyway.

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Defo England and Spain. 

I work with a couple of Philipinos and they have a Spanish heritage. Alot of their names come from Spanish names.

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