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Career Kanchelskis’ Dutch TT (S18 - 20) Game Over Man, Game Over!


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For my 1st ever career on Vibe, I have decided to take on a challenge that is pretty popular on here at the moment:

80's Milan Go Dutch Challenge

However, I have also decided to use my 3 chosen Dutch players to take on The Triple Threat Challenge.

The players I have opted for are:




As part of the challenge, my main striker has to score 90 league goals within 6 seasons so I will nominate Zirkzee as my main striker.

Thank you for reading.

Edited by Kanchelskis1878
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Season 1 Review


Major change in goalkeeper for Milan with Donnarumma departing for PSG being replaced by Ter Stegen who became Milan’s highest paid player by some distance.



Serie A

A very close title race went to the last day of the season with Milan needing a win at home to Sampdoria to secure the title. A 2-0 victory delivered Milan’s first title since 2011.



A great comeback victory for Milan with the red card for Bonucci a key turning point.


Italian Cup

A cruel quarter final exit with Atalanta equalising in the 4th minute of injury time and then scoring the winner in added time of extra time!


Europa League

A good run to the final but ultimately Milan lost out to Chelsea on penalties.




The Dutch Lads

A promising first season from Zirkzee with 18 goals.


Just slightly behind Zirkzee with 15 goals was Boadu.


Chong was a further goal behind with 14.


The Challenges


A good start to the Dutch challenge with the league title and the Supercoppa secured. 12 league goals from Zirkzee towards the target of 90 leaves him needing an average of around 16 per season over the next 5 years which should be achievable, injuries permitting.

47 goals in total towards the TT is a little disappointing but the lads are still young and will hopefully kick on over the next few seasons.

Thank you for reading. Any comments or feedback are appreciated.

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Season 2 Review




Serie A

The league was a bit more straightforward this year with the title sealed with 6 games to spare.



Failed to land my second of these towards the challenge after having one CB sent off and the other one go off injured!


Italian Cup


Champions League

Defeated Bayern in the final despite a missed penalty from Zirkzee.




The Dutch Lads

Big improvement from Zirkzee with 33 goals in total with 25 coming in the league.



Similar figures to Season 1 for Boadu.



Small improvement on Season 1 from Chong.



The Challenge

Good progress towards the Dutch challenge with 1st CL, 2nd Serie A and 25 league goals from Zirkzee. An improvement in numbers towards the TT challenge but really need Boadu and Chong to step up to Zirkzee’s level. Getting the Dutch national job would help but they got to the semis of Euro 2020 at the end of this season which was enough for Koeman to keep his job.


Thank you for reading. Any comments or feedback are appreciated.


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Thanks guys, I think that Zirkzee is gonna turn out to be a beast in this challenge and he really suits the system I’m using but I might need to make a few tweaks to get better output from the other two.

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Season 3 Review


Nothing exciting to report other than Meret & Martinez being brought in as back up options.



Serie A

Comfortably sealed 3rd title in a row and completed this part of the Dutch challenge.



2nd of the 3 required for the challenge.


European Super Cup

Won my first one of these after extra time.


World Club Championship

Always a great tournament to get goals for a TT challenge.


Champions League

Beaten on penalties in the final by a Juventus team inspired by a now 36 year old Ronaldo.


Season Summary


The Dutch Lads

Zirkzee continues to get better and better and is pretty much driving the TT challenge on his own with 46 goals this season.



Small increase in goals with 19 for Boadu, but he did play more games this season.



Chong had a dreadful first half of the season with only 4 goals by Christmas so I was pleased he managed to get up to 16.



The Challenges


In 3 seasons, I need to win 1 Supercoppa, 1 CL and 1 Euro Super Cup plus get 25 more league goals from Zirkzee so I’m pretty confident of completing the Dutch challenge.

The TT is going to be a lot more difficult but the numbers are improving each year so hopefully I can get over 100 next season.

Thank you for reading, comments and feedback are appreciated.

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Season 4 Review


I’m really happy with my squad at the moment, so just the one big change with Joao Felix replacing Suso.



Serie A

I made a few tweaks to my tactic this season which resulted in a lot more goals scored than in the first 3 seasons.



A close game but ultimately got the win I needed to claim my 3rd Supercoppa and complete this part of the Dutch Challenge.


Champions League

A Zirkzee brace in the final sealed a 2-0 win over Barcelona winning my 2nd CL and also completing this part of the Dutch Challenge.


Season Summary


The Dutch Lads

As a team, we scored a lot more than previously but did that mean that my Dutch trio had also improved their totals?

Well Zirkzee matched his total of 46 from last season but in one game less. 32 of his goals were in the league which meant he surpassed the 90 target with 2 seasons to spare!



My tactical changes seemed to really benefit Boadu who hit 37 goals this season - an improvement of 18 from last season.



However I still struggled to get the best out of Chong who only scored 14 this season. A good number of assists from him though.



The Challenges

I now need to win just one Euro Super Cup in the next two seasons to complete the Dutch Challenge. PSG won the Europa League this season so I will have my first opportunity against them early in Season 5.

For the TT challenge, my trio were very close to hitting 100 goals between them, falling just 3 short.  At least the numbers are still going up each season!


Thanks for reading, comments & feedback are appreciated.

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Season 5 Review

Ah Season 5, the dreaded Qatar World Cup season, with fixtures packed together tighter than Simon Cowell’s forehead.

How would this affect my dynamic Dutchmen? And would Ronald Koeman cling on to the Holland job following the World Cup? Let’s find out....

Qatar World Cup

Koeman named his squad for the World Cup, inexplicably leaving out Joshua Zirkzee in favour of Vincent Janssen!

Holland were drawn in a group with Brazil, Poland & China and an opening match 0-0 draw with China gave me hope that an early exit might be on the cards. Unfortunately, they followed this up with consecutive 1-0 victories over Brazil & Poland to finish top of their group and set up a favourable last 16 clash with Denmark.

Denmark, however, were beautifully inspired and destroyed the Dutch 3-0! Would reaching the last 16 be enough for Koeman to cling on to his job?

Of course not!



At last! 😊

When I took the job, Zirkzee & Boadu had 2 international goals each and Chong was not yet off the mark.







Euro Super Cup

I came into this season needing a win over PSG in the Euro Super Cup to complete the Dutch challenge. We absolutely battered PSG throughout the match, but without the injured Zirkzee, we struggled in front of goal. Thankfully, a solitary Isco strike was enough to get the win and complete the Dutch challenge.


Serie A

What a season we had in the league! Unbeaten with a solitary draw away at Juventus our only dropped points and a massive 161 goals scored.


Champions League

We cruised through the group stage with 6 wins out of 6 to set up a last 16 clash with Bayern Munich. We suffered our only defeat of the season in all competitions in the away leg and couldn’t turn it around at home.



Season Summary


The Dutch Lads

A stunning 50 goal season from Zirkzee, which made Koeman’s decision to leave him out of the World Cup seem even more insane! He also added 1 international goal to his tally.



35 goals for Boadu, 2 less than last season, but still a really good season from him and 2 international goals added.



A personal best haul for Chong with him finally getting over 20 despite missing the last 6 weeks of the season through injury. He also bagged his first international goal. Managed to get some good growth in his attributes this season too by training him in a couple of different positions.



The Challenges

With the Euro Super Cup victory, I completed the Dutch challenge with a season to spare.

This leaves me to concentrate on the TT which feels like it gained a bit of momentum this season. My trio finally got over the 100 mark this season and I had my first couple of matches in charge of the national team. Looking forward to Season 6 now.


Thanks for reading. Comments and feedback are appreciated.



Edited by Kanchelskis1878
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40 minutes ago, DouBLeR said:

Just read the whole piece in one time, and all I can say is: Job well done.

Just 1,000 goals to go, should be a walk in the park :)

Thanks mate, 1,000 more goals seems like such a long way off. Hopefully can keep hitting 100+ goals a season now!

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Well done on getting the first 100 goal season out of the system. You just need to follow this up and also congrats on completing the Milan Challenge

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Didn't really expect a lot from a lot from your batch of players, but damn are they good. Congratulations man! Keep it going, and you'll get every objective

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1 hour ago, Kanegan said:

Well done on getting the first 100 goal season out of the system. You just need to follow this up and also congrats on completing the Milan Challenge

Thanks mate! Was good to get the 100 goal season monkey off my back.

9 minutes ago, S4NCH0 said:

Didn't really expect a lot from a lot from your batch of players, but damn are they good. Congratulations man! Keep it going, and you'll get every objective

Thanks mate, yeah they've turned out a lot better than I expected. Boadu is apparently a huge prospect IRL and I think @MikeFhas said he'd be an ideal candidate for a 1KC which I totally agree with. Zirkzee as well would be great for a 1KC.

Just now, Ian said:

Well done, looks like you could be on for a fantastic total here!

Cheers mate! Season 6 has started really well so fingers crossed.

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Yeah Boadu was great for me. I had him in a pair up front for my Double Trouble challenge and got 75 out of him one season. He’d clear 100 on his own no doubt. I might try and squeeze in a 1k with him after my triple threat. 

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Season 6 Review

This was a really enjoyable season to play and I definitely feel like this career is starting to build some momentum now.


A Dutch flavour to this season’s incomings after getting the national job last season with 7 Dutch players added to my squad. Quite a few big sales to make room for the new boys.



Serie A

Another unbeaten season but less goals than last season’s 161. I think the early CL exit helped me in the league last season as I didn’t need to rotate as much.


Zirkzee finished league top scorer for the 5th year in a row.


Champions League

Back to winning ways this season:


My run to the final included this superb win away at Barcelona in the Quarter Final:


Season Summary


Euro 2024

Finished top of the qualifying group for the Euros although it was a bit closer than I would have liked!


I was drawn in a group with Italy, Albania & Norway and reeled off 3 wins out of 3 including a bonkers 5-4 win over Norway.


Into the knockouts and we managed to get past Sweden, Portugal & Spain en route to the final.




Onto the final and we got the dream draw of “fake” Germany! Disappointed that we didn’t win by more to be honest.


Zirkzee finished top scorer and won best player.



The Dutch Lads

Another fantastic season from Zirkzee with 60 club goals and 11 international goals. Attribute wise, he’s pretty much maxed out now.



Boadu took his game up another level this year with 47 club goals and 8 international. Also looks like his attributes have maxed out.



Chong again hovering around the 20 goal mark with a further 5 international goals. I’ve tried him in loads of different roles throughout this career and experimented with his training but as long as the other 2 keep banging the goals in then I’m happy with Chong’s contribution. Strangely, despite being older than the other two, Chong is still getting the percentage increases after matches so I think there is still a bit of growth to be done to his attributes.



The Challenges

This was the last season of the “Milan go Dutch” challenge which I completed a season early. I ended this challenge with 6 Serie A titles, 5 Supercoppa’s, 3 CL’s and 2 Euro Super Cups. Zirkzee smashed the 90 league goal target with 178 in the 6 seasons.

So now all effort goes towards the Triple Threat and this was a brilliant season in terms of making real inroads into the target. My trio hit 126 club goals this season and added a further 24 international goals giving us a grand total of 150. A few more seasons like this would be very nice!


Thanks for reading, all comments and feedback are appreciated.

Edited by Kanchelskis1878
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Season 7 Review

The Milan go Dutch challenge has now finished so I can now concentrate all my efforts on the TT.


I decided to try and trim my squad down a bit this season as I seemed to be getting a different player “shocked that he isn’t a first team regular” every week.



Season Summary

Clean sweep of all available trophies this season and another unbeaten league campaign, although I still can’t manage to achieve a perfect 38 win season.


The only game I dropped points in was away to Napoli. I had 5 players out injured and lost a further 9 to international duty! (That is a bug that really needs to be fixed for FMM20!) I still should have won the game though with Napoli scoring from their only shot on target compared to us missing a hatful of chances.



Lost the Nations League final to a France team containing Mbappe, Geubbels, Gouiri, Caqueret, Upamecano, Lafont & Zagadou. It was like a who’s who of FMM wonderkids!


I did however win the Confederations Cup racking up quite a few goals in the process.


Joshua Zirkzee

Not quite as good as last season but still managed 54 club goals and 14 international. He seemed to be jaded / slightly tired for a lot of the season which might explain the slight downturn in form.



He also won World Player of the Year for the first time.


Myron Boadu

Another one who seemed to be tired for a lot of the season yet still managed to get 45 club goals and 8 international.



Tahith Chong

His best season yet! 26 goals and 25 assists for Milan plus 2 international goals. He also got one final attribute boost this season and is now maxed out.




Another brilliant season from my trio with 149 goals in total bringing the target down to 799. Let’s hope we can keep it going.


Thank you for reading, comments & feedback are appreciated.

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5 hours ago, Ian said:

A couple of great seasons there. Your boys are looking fantastic now going into their peak years. Well done.


4 hours ago, DouBLeR said:

No doubt you will keep them scoring those goals! 


4 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Well done again.

Thanks fellas 🙂

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Season 8 Review


Some more squad trimming this season with some of the older players in the squad moving on to make room for the youngsters coming through.


Season Summary

Another clean sweep and unbeaten season and, for the first time, my Dutch boys were 1-2-3 in the goalscorer chart.




This season ended with the 2026 World Cup. My squad was decimated by injuries throughout the World Cup but we still managed to fight through to the final. Unfortunately this was a bridge too far as we were beaten by Spain.


Boadu had a great World Cup, finishing 2nd top scorer and winning best player.


Joshua Zirkzee

A fantastic season from my main man with 70 club goals and 26 international.



Myron Boadu

Boadu struggled with his fitness this season and seemed to be “slightly tired” nearly all the time. He still managed 38 club goals and 18 international but I think I’m going to bring in an extra fitness coach for next season to see if I can boost those numbers.


Tahith Chong

Chong is finally hitting the numbers that I was expecting of him, getting a lot closer to Boadu this season with 35 club and 9 international goals. He also, quite surprisingly, won World Player of the Year.





This was a huge season and a big step towards the TT. We were helped by having 16 international games throughout the season and an incredibly easy World Cup Qualifying Group. 196 goals in total, bringing the target down to 603.


Thanks for reading, as always your comments are appreciated.

Edited by Kanchelskis1878
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