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Chat Do Attributes Increase too Quickly?


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Hi, I noticed that Nabi Keita's movement increased from 16 to 20 in one season.  I did train him in it, but he's not that young to begin with, so I was surprised to see such an increase.  It's much quicker than the "Full Fat" version.  I did see a post about increasing "Aerial" from 5 to 20 in a month.  Is this a bug, a balance issue, or am I out of line?  Do we want this revised for FMM20.



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I do see some attribute does increase like heck e.g. Aerial, Movement and Shooting but Technique and Teamwork almost doesn't grow at all 

I also do see someone like Leon Goretzka and Patrick Schick grows very quickly in the first season and even better than some world class players despite not a first team player

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A lot can depend on your clubs facilities but aerial is the only one for me that grows ridiculously. Strangely I’ve found that often younger players who have decent aerial to begin with at say 10-15 often take longer to max out than players at say 1-10. It’s not based on enough to confirm but on my DT Se-Jin was the more naturally gifted in the air and I don’t think he ever maxed out whereas my other guy was poor at the start and wallop he was 20 within the year. Also Moise Kean who I’m using now starts at 13 which is decent and he hasn’t maxed out after two years when I’ve had younger back up guys only play a few minutes and increase like crazy. 

Technique doesn’t seem to increase at all and teamwork i think can be increased but not by very much in my experience. 

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Yeah, what @Ian said. I have some players who jump 12 points for Aerial in 3 updates and other who hardly move at all. I haven't worked out why or how to tell, but it can be hit and miss. I generally get all of them to 20 eventually, but I use players who have a lot of updates before they max out.

Apart from that, I've occasionally gotten large jumps in other attributes like Stamina or Strength if a player is working closely with Fitness coach, and very occasionally with Movement or Dribbling if they are working with an attacking coach. But these are rare, the Aerial one can happen for anyone even those not working with a coach. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've never seen Technique or Aggression increase and Teamwork is almost as bad. If you have Motivational coaches that can get players to increase Teamwork a little, but we're talking a point or two over a couple of years. 

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